The most visited landmarks in Zimbabwe

Main landmarks in Zimbabwe are located between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers . It is natural to assume that Victoria Falls is the most visited landmark in Zimbabwe. Located in the northwestern part of the country. In 2000 however, carried out the nationalization of land in Zimbabwe and the flow of tourists significantly decreased by 75%.

This is a big blow to the country's economy from winning only Zambia. This is due to the fact that the Victoria Falls are some of the attractions in Zambia. The climate is temperate with average monthly temperatures between 15 ° and 23 ° C, perfect for travel around the country. Another interesting and visited landmarks in Zimbabwe are the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. An amazing stone complex that is unique in the whole of Africa.

Located near the town of Masvingo and in general all the buildings that have been preserved are made of rectangular granite stones correct. The entire complex can be divided into two parts: a large enclosure and hills complex. Stone town was built in the 13th century, nearly 300 years has flourished state Great Zimbabwe.

The city was a center of trade and crafts. Trading is mainly in gold and ivory in exchange for Arab traders have supplied clothing and ceramics. Bookmark and Share

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Historical landmarks in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's capital Harare is very beautiful and modern city, which start from most destinations inside the country. The second largest city is Bulawayo. Near the town are the ancient ruins of Khami, and the South is the Matobo National Park where you can see many interesting stacked granite blocks.

Park Matobo especially adapted for tourists because here you can go fishing or indulge in hobbies such as hunting. Another landmarks in Zimbabwe is Hwange National Park. The largest area in Zimbabwe, which boasts a well-preserved flora and fauna, especially large population of wild elephants, which numbers more recent data, 40 000.

National Park Nyanga - small in size but very well preserved. A popular activity for tourists is fishing for trout in the lakes of the park. Speaking of fishing, let us pay tribute to the freshwater Lake Kariba.

Located below the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River. Try rafting on the Zambezi River, it's pretty extreme experience, but worth the effort, believe me. In Lake Kariba can hunt the tiger fish and huge catfish. Another good alternative to spending a great vacation is a jeep safari or canoeing and rafting on Zambezi River, especially after the rainy season.

Then the river flooded huge areas and wildlife can be easily monitored. Such an experience can be from 3 days to 1 month depending on your free time and budget. National Park Mana Pools is our next destination which is worth mentioning. Located in the northern part of Zimbabwe in the lower reaches of the Zambezi River below Lake Kariba.

The park is a UNESCO as a protected area. Here you can see many of the animals that drink water from naturally formed lakes around the river from March to May. Our recommendation is to plan landmarks in Zimbabwe during the summer months.

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