Dangerous rafting on Zambezi River

One of the biggest challenges that can happen to you in your life and feel the thrill of adventure is to make rafting on Zambezi River. The famous explorer David Livingstone, who in the 19th century discovered Victoria Falls and passes through the rapids of the Zambezi then thought that one day British ships will sail without a problem down the river. More than a hundred years later, these waters remain feral.

Zambezi has 23 rapids that lay with waves higher than 30 feet (9 meters), are known as the best place in landmarks in Africa for rafting in fast-flowing water in the world. But that does not is the only excitement you would have experienced if they run along the Zambezi.

Most people take a trip of rafting on the Zambezi River for 15 miles (24 km) which passes in one day, but "Global Descents" offers daily tours and eight downstream length of 70 miles (113 km) for more experienced kayakers. Nature of Zambezi river is amazing.

You can see here a lot of water animals and predators too. "On our last trip, our group came upon a small floating island, which to our surprise turned out to be male hippopotamus, and a little further down in the calm waters of the river could make 25-foot (8 meter) crocodile," said Duke Bradford owner and outfitter "Global Descents". Bookmark and Share

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Victoria Falls on Zambezi River

Wonderful world of Africa and Rafting on Zambezi River

Travel rafting on the Zambezi River directly towards the start of the spray of Victoria Falls, go through half a dozen rapids larger than the Grand Canyon (Colorado) in landmarks of North America, followed by a quiet stretch of river.

After the first day a few people continue down the river than a handful of fishermen to share this harsh and wildlife of Africa.

Along the way, you encounter a dark basalt rocks that rise hundreds of feet into the sky, waterfalls in the gorge and invading white sandy beaches attract kayakers with the promise of quiet and cool evening under the stars.

"Global Descents" offers eight-day trips on the Zambezi once or twice each fall for $ 2800. For those with own equipment prices are negotiable.

Rafting on Zambezi River began in 1981 and for 15 years have passed approximately 50,000 people. The very start of the journey with inflatables began shortly before the Victoria Falls. The entire route has sections 5 rapids with difficulty even 6. In places Zambezi River is 120 meters wide and 60 meters deep.

The river is constantly changing, and between February and June, it bay large areas of land. Volume of the Zambezi River water is four times larger than that of Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Good physical condition of the participants rafting on Zambezi River is mandatory.

During the adventures are likely to see crocodiles, but they are small and not dangerous. The best time for rafting on Zambezi River from July to middle of February because the level is lowest. Zimbabwe and Zambia make parallel rafting on Zambezi River, the two sides are in constant competition with each other.

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