Beautiful Nature of Wetar Island Indonesia

The small tropical island Wetar is located in the eastern province of Maluku in Indonesia. Situated near the Lesser Sunda Islands in particular the island of Alor and Timor island.

The approximate length is relatively small - about 130 km and the width is 45 km.

The volcanic nature of the island of Wetar and coral reefs around it are a magnet for the few tourists who visit this beautiful place.

The highest point of the island is located in the western part - 1412 m, but not like a mountain peak because the place is covered with tropical vegetation.

In the past, human activity has made many evils of nature. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Wetar Island Indonesia

There were gold mines that are operated in bad faith and consequently destroyed the flora and fauna in the area around them. However, it may be seen about 160 species of birds, some of which are endemic species.

Visit Lake Danau Tihu, closed freshwater lake with varying amounts of water depending on the season.

Shallow lake, unfortunately without any conditions for tourism, unless you want to sleep outdoors and watch the stars on a clear day. Population feed itself with a palm plant that extracts from the so-called Sago.

It prepare cakes and bread is very nutritious. Here flourish trade in tortoiseshell, although it is prohibited imports and exports in some countries.

We can not say that Wetar island is a place where you can spend a vacation in peace and quiet, but if you are in this region of the world can explore the island for a few days.

Fish abound in reefs around the island of Wetar, so you will not be hungry. The population is relatively sparse and lived in small settlements related to the asphalt road.

Our recommendation is to spend an unforgettable holiday of neighboring Sumba Island Indonesia. Your family or friends will be fascinated by the conditions offered in this place.

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