Most visited waterfalls on Earth

When you see pictures or live on the waterfalls on Earth, certainly in awe and admiration of this work of nature. We see how great it can be in all its nuances and beauty. Probably many of you love to see panoramic photos of famous waterfalls in the world and dream about one day to visit at least a few of them.

These natural phenomena collect the attention of excited photographers and nature lovers worldwide.

Here is a sample ranking of the most beautiful waterfalls on Earth, wishing to be visited by every tourist read this article.

Huangguoshu waterfall located in China attractions, 74 meters high and 81 meters wide. The highest waterfall in China, fabulously beautiful because it is surrounded by lush vegetation.  

Angel Falls is located in attractions of Venezuela Huru River, a tributary of the Orinoco. Not very deep, because the water until it reaches the bottom it into small droplets. Tray is actually the highest waterfall on earth 979 meters. Bookmark and Share

Waterfalls on Earth photo gallery

Waterfall Angel Venezuela
Waterfall Dettifoss Iceland
Waterfall Gullfoss Iceland
Waterfall Huangguoshu China
Waterfall Iguassu Brazil
Waterfall Jog India
Waterfall Niagara USA
Waterfall Shoshone
Waterfall Victoria Zimbabwe
Waterfall Yosemite USA

Waterfalls on Earth phenomenon of nature

Yosemite Falls - Located in the same name national park "Yosemite" USA. Water falls from 739 meters the background of fabulous scenery of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

Yosemite Falls is the highest in North America. Gullfoss Falls only 32 meters high and 20 meters wide. Located in a protected area in Iceland. Also known by the name "Golden Falls" because of the yellow tint of the water at sunset. Very beautiful waterfall, especially when the steam from the water break from the sun to get a lot of nice rainbows.

Waterfalls on Earth - ethereal fabulous picture

Shoshone Falls - located in the U.S., it is 11 meters higher than Niagara Falls, but not so deep. In the spring when the snow melts in the Snake River is the deepest well worth seeing.

Jog Falls in India, the highest in the country 253 m, the deepest during the monsoon when the river overflows Sharavati over 1000 kub.litra per second.

Dettifoss waterfall located in Iceland attractions, it is the deepest waterfall in Europe. Is 44 meters high and 100 meters wide.

Victoria Falls is located in Zimbabwe and is the widest waterfall in the world with an impressive 1,708 meters. In the highest part descends 107 meters. The river above the falls is quite relaxed and there bathe safely hippos and crocodiles.

Niagara Falls - located on the border between Canada and the U.S. and is only 60 meters high and 833 meters wide. It is visited annually by 20 million tourists thanks to the great publicity that attended decades in books and magazines worldwide. Niagara Falls is actually the largest in North America.

Iguazu Falls located on the border between Argentina and Brazil tourist attractions. In the local language means "big water". It consists of many waterfalls on very large length, the most picturesque remains "the devil's throat."

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