Most beautiful waterfalls in Bulgaria

A short list of the ten most famous waterfalls in Bulgaria. Pictures of waterfalls in Bulgaria is to gallery in the article. The first and highest Waterfall is Raysko praskalo (Eden Falls).

Located on the south side of peak Botev, near to Ray hut. Water falls from 124 meters, but to enjoy this beautiful waterfall you have to visit in April and May. Kademliisko waterfall - very beautiful waterfall, copious throughout the year.

Located rusaliyski passage about an hour drive from Triglav hut. It is easily accessible even by car. After heavy rain the water in the waterfall is so strong that it leads to the road itself.

Penchovsko waterfall - a beautiful sight for lovers of such landmarks. Difficult to access waterfall, away from marked trails. Located near the hut Taja. Borov Kamak Falls - located near the hut Parshevitsa. Is 64 meters high and almost dries up in the summer. Bookmark and Share

The biggest waterfalls in Bulgaria photogallery

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Top 10 waterfalls in Bulgaria

The trail starts from the village Zgorigrad, pleasant walk around two hours duration. Momin Skok waterfall - located in Emen canyon at the end of the river trail Negovanka. High about 10 meters and has a beautiful waterfall in the pool where you can swim or make a picnic with family and friends.

This is the first trail in Bulgaria, which is now ruined. Djendemski waterfalls - located in a protected area in South Djendem Central Balkan. Difficult to reach even in the summer, and for this purpose you need a driver or someone who has walked in these places.

There are many wild animals in the area, even bears. Donyovi waterfalls - located between Mount Botev mountain range Ravnets. Near the falls is Haydushka watermill, where it occurred many interesting historical events.

Most visited waterfalls in Bulgaria

Koprenski waterfalls - located in northwestern Bulgaria under peak Kopren. Nice trail that is suitable for families with children.

The duration of the transition is according to your capabilities as a few places cross the rapids of the river, there is a danger to get wet. Petkanovi waterfalls - a cascade of waterfalls, you might see if you go down to Tuzha river and go its flow.

Located near the hut and Taja are beautiful only in spring, when the river is deep. Through Karlovo - located 10-15 minutes' walk from Vasil Levski hut. Narrow path runs from the left side of the river. Waterfall is 30 meters high and beautiful pictures of nature around it can be done in all seasons of the year. These are 10 of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bulgaria that I've visited.

Of course there are many wonderful sights in Bulgaria. These are monasteries in Bulgaria and beautiful lonely beaches in Bulgaria.

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