A walk in Amsterdam by boat the best experiences

We will take you on a walk in Amsterdam by boat on the canals of this beautiful European capital. If for the capital of the Netherlands it is connected with red lanterns and buckets where smoky grass can be smoked, both from hookah and as a part of cake, Amsterdam is much more - buildings, canals, bridges and ... bicycles .

Normally, this turn takes three attempts. Now I will try the first time, although in such cases I sometimes hit the wall, but you do not worry. So, the captain of one of the hundreds of boats that ride tourists over the more than one hundred canals in Amsterdam jokes his passengers with jaws.

The pleasure of seeing the canals of the Dutch capital and surrounding buildings costs from 8 to 13 euros according to the location and beauty of the boat, but the sight of it is definitely more important. Bookmark and Share

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Four languages tell about the history of the city and the objects that can be observed. Here you can see several ships. They are comfortable floating hotels with 50 to 80 cabins and sail to Vienna, Basel.

On the left you can see a green building that has the shape of a spaceship. This is the center of new technologies called "Nemo." It has a beautiful view of the city from its roof, and there are 2500 Amsterdam-run houses, but the City Hall does not allow the number to increase, which means that if a new another one has to disappear from the water.

Amterdam has over 1200 bridges - 500 of them date back to the 17th century. The total length of the canals is about 1000 km, the depth of each canal is 2-3 meters.

From the dry statistics what impressive in Amsterdam, are not just some. Dam Square, the Van Gog Museum and the Flower Market and for others. Red lanterns and buckets, urban transport is primarily used by tourists and the main vehicle is the vehicle for moving families around the bicycle.

There are hundreds, not thousands, but millions of bicycles - you have the feeling that children they are already driving a bicycle in the Netherlands, and on the sidewalk pedestrians move in a column, because more space is reserved for bicycle lanes and cars, and the city welcomes you to the windmills along the way, and they send out early closet cafes and the latest beer breeds.

In them you can not just sit and enjoy the view of the canal, but also lie and contemplate. Magnets with Van Gog's sunflower can be found in three souvenir shops, and the decorative typical wooden sabo - for five.

Here people are very polite and smiling, but this is not a posture like other latitudes. It also shows the street musician who does not blush that you have missed a coin in your swiftness.

In addition to what we have told you in this interesting article about Amsterdam, you can also visit the attractions in Netherlands. They are so much that a vacation will not get you to go around even with a car.

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