The most important attractions in Vieques

Travelers years speak for Vieques island of Puerto Rico, this magical island located a few kilometers from the main island of Puerto Rico. It has everything that you can dream of romantics - green forests, endless sandy beaches and picturesque hills.

Just a few kilometers from the coast of is a real paradise. Vieques Island occupies about 55 square miles of the Caribbean. Access is easy - a 25-minute flight from the capital San Juan takes you to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Unique is the black sand beach Negrin. By 2003, the island was under the control of the US Navy. Now Vieques island is open to tourists and have at their disposal several hotels.

One of the most interesting features of the island's bioluminescent bay at night smiles of thousands of lights - small microorganisms that glow in the soft blue hue. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Vieques

Generally designated as US military base, the island is still preserved thanks to Ricky Martin Benik del Toro and Martin Sheen, who conducted a major campaign in his defense. This land once used for training bombings, is now a national refuge for wildlife in Puerto Rico.

There are only two major cities whose population is less than 10 thousand. People - Isabel Segunda on the north side of the island and Esperanza in the south. As a result, when you reach a beach at the end of the road, the award is that the sand is just for you. Playa de la Chiva attract divers, but the real reason this island appear on the list is Puerto Mosquito.

Of the seven bioluminescent bay on the planet, this is the most impressive, thanks to the purity and power of reflective water. If you organize a moonless night to swim or walk in canoeing you will be greeted by billions of micro-organisms called dinoflagellates that illuminate the water with magical blue-green glow. The key word that best describes the island is "virgin.

" We all know how much it means today - clean, undeveloped and primal nature. Vieques is one of the few islands that have preserved the spirit of the Caribbean before. You can not go there and not take advantage of the unique experience that provides Mosquito Bay. In the water there live micro-organisms - dinovlagelates or simply dino that contact, begin to glow a bright blue light.

Just 13 km east's landmarks of Puerto Rico, so if you want more action and nightlife, half an hour and you're there. The two settlements on the second largest island in the country Puerto Rico, wear beautiful Spanish names Esperanza and Isabel II, can easily explain their origin to Spanish rule over these lands lasted over 400 years. The best time to travel to Island Vieques is whenever you can, because the local climate is superb.

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