The biggest attractions of Venezuela

Attractions in Venezuela is one of the most colorful of the South American continent. In recent years there has been great demand for the tourist market, particularly for ecotourism. Venezuela is a country of attractions in South America north of the equator. The country has over 70 small and large islands in the Caribbean Sea, bordering Brazil tourist attractions, Bolivian nature and Guyana.

The capital of this exotic country is Caracas, a city located on the Caribbean Sea. Venezuela is famous for its television series, beautiful women and of course the highest waterfall in the world Angel 1054 m.

This beautiful country has many beautiful beaches, rich oilfields and incredibly beautiful scenery. Passes through the country Andes mountain chain that forms many canyons and waterfalls, the largest river in the world, the Amazon, with its valleys and plains, and of course the longest coastline on the Caribbean Sea. Venezuela has 40 national parks, vast savannah Lyanos and south equatorial impenetrable jungles of the Amazon. The best season to visit is winter and early spring months these are from December to March The weather is cool and dry. Necessarily visit the two largest cities in Venezuela namely Caracas and Maracaibo, and the largest lake in South America, Maracaibo. Bookmark and Share

Attractions of Venezuela photo gallery

Venezuela National Park canaima
Venezuela Canaima National Park
Canaima Nature Park in Venezuela
el hacha falls in Venezuela
monoclonal falls in Venezuela
Venezuela landmark
Margarita island in Venezuela dunes
punta el humo of Venezuela
Venezuela roraima mount
Venezuela Carrao River falls

Incredibly beautiful attractions of Venezuela

The most interesting tourist attractions of Venezuela are the largest national park. In Canaima National Park is the highest waterfall in the world, Angel.

Its water falls straight downward and turns into steam at the bottom. Another interesting detail in the Canaima National Park are weathered rocks in the state of Bolivar favorite place for extreme sports.

The coastal section of the park has many lagoons where you can swim with the Indian canoes and relax in the picturesque greenery of the park.

Preferred by tourists attractions of Venezuela

Morrokoy National Park is located between the cities Tukakas and Chichiriviche. Represents 30 coral islands and mangrove channels where there are many endangered species.

Today near this pristine area of luxury resorts, which do not interfere with the flora and fauna. Archipelago Los Roques - this is another National Park, including coral islands covered with sand. Most of them are coral reefs are ideal diving and sailing. There is a specific prohibition of the Venezuelan government for construction in the archipelago.

The climate is dry, so the vegetation is mostly cactuses, low shrubs and mangroves. Islands visited by turtles, iguanas and several bird species. Do not miss the largest marine attractions Venezuela - Margarita Island.

In recent years, this exciting destination for rich tourists has become a paradise. Margarita Island is known as the "Pearl of the Caribbean".

In the past there have been mined pearls, which the local population has subsisted. The most famous beach on the island is Playa El Agua - ideal for windsurfing. Do not miss out the Venezuelan cuisine. It is very varied and includes fish dishes garnished with rice, beef and chicken. The national dish is called "pabellon", a mixture of meat stew served with rice, banana and black beans. Try the unique bread "arepas", prepared from maize flour, salt and water.

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