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Last year I made a day vacation to Ang Tong Marine Park. Located near Koh Samui in Thailand. Picturesque place. It reminded me a bit of Halong Bay in Vietnam, but here the rocks were steeper and there were beaches. For those who do not bother to climb, the view from above was amazing. A lot of sweat poured in from me then, but I climbed up the rocks and took some beautiful panoramic photos.

Ang Tong Marine Park represents 42 islands in the Gulf of Thailand, with very well preserved nature. Here you can see the pristine equatorial forests, limestone cliffs on which you can climb, beaches with white, fine sand and hidden lakes. Bookmark and Share

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Ang Tong Marine Park photogallery

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The best Ang Tong Marine Park

There is a wide variety of wildlife and marine creatures here. All sea attractions such as diving, kayaking, hiking and other main activities are offered. The best and most affordable option is a day trip, starting from Koh Samui or Koh Pha Ngan. You rent a motorboat and travel for about 1 hour. You can sleep on Ang Tong Island, there are bungalows and a tent camp.

There is only one restaurant that serves seafood. It is still a tropical paradise here, although tourists are increasing every year. I recommend touring Ang Tong Marine Park by sea kayak while taking a dip in the warm water of the bays during the breaks. The cost is $ 80 for an adult, as part of the amount goes to preserve the islands.

Launched in 1980, Ang Tong Marine Park has gained popularity since the release of the movie The Beach. The steep limestone cliffs were formed after the erosion and if you climb them to a height of about 400 meters you will see a fascinating view. In clear weather you can take panoramic photos of this Ang Tong Marine Park.

Of the wild animals we can mention the monkeys langurs, sea eagles, herons and iguanas. Colorful fish and sharks can be seen in the sea. Koh Mae Island has an internally emerald Thale Nai Lake, but you should know that visiting here is for a certain amount of time because the interest is huge. There are specially built wooden stairs that start from the surface of the sea and take you to the top of the rocks. A little to the east of Koh Mae Island is Koh Sam Sao Island. It is quite tall, but it cannot go down on it but goes by boat or kayak. There is a coral reef and a rock arch around it. The best time to visit Ang Tong Marine Park is from March to October because the sea is calm.

Then come the rains and the winds. Cruises and additional charter and boat rentals can also be arranged. There are different options for seeing the Ang Tong Marine Park sightseeing as per the wishes of the visitors and their budget. Overall a very good destination in Thailand that you should not miss.

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