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Vacation on atoll Tikehau French Polynesia, a long distance in the middle of the Pacific. This paradise is 340 km from Tahiti Island, and the nearest Rangiroa atoll is only 12 km away.

On the other side is Mataiva Atoll just 22 nautical miles. If you take a panoramic picture of the atoll Tikehau, you will see that it has an oval shape with an approximate diameter of 27 km and an area of ​​approximately 461 square kilometers. Do not bend on these figures because most of this area is water. Atol Tekehau consists of two larger islands, including narrow, shallow channels in which the ocean flows.

The northeastern island is uninhabited, and we have to make clear that the whole drought is formed on a coral reef that runs around the atoll. At the western end of the atoll, there is a deep strait through which motor boats pass. The soil is poor in nutrients and for this reason there are only coconut palms and papaya.

All food and water for tourists is imported from the neighboring islands every three weeks. The main settlement is called Tuherahera, where the airport is located. Every day there are flights to Tahiti and nearby atolls. The main water attraction at the Tikehau atoll is diving. You will see many reef sharks that are not dangerous and tiger sharks to keep from. Around you will swim passages of colorful fish, and on the bottom you can see the fish Napoleon. Bookmark and Share

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The best holiday on atoll Tikehau

You can spend your time here very pleasantly, but at what price. Everything is terribly expensive, ranging from food and accommodation in hotels. There are a few that we will just mention. Ninamu resort - located in a palm forest in the eastern part of the Tikehau atoll.

Everything is very beautiful and the food is great. Fafarua Lodge - a private island half an hour's boat ride from Tuherahera. Everything here is all inclusive, including boats and paddle boards.

At your disposal is a large boat with a skipper on board, which will tour the atoll Tikehau and you can fish. Therefore, this place is for couples who have decided to spend their honeymoon here. Hakamanu Lodge is a luxury bungalow with a terrace from which you can meet the sunrise and sunset. Breakfast here is mostly fruit, bread, eggs, homemade jam, coffee and hot chocolate.

The restaurant has free Wi-Fi, cold beer and wine. Most guests appreciate the Hakamanu Lodge very much. Tikehau Pearl beach resort - the largest hotel at the Tikehau atoll. There is a whole complex of bungalows in the water that are connected to a common wood road.

All bungalows are built in Polynesian style, and furnishings are European. It features a spa, a swimming pool and free kayaking. The restaurant serves Polynesian and European cuisine. You will be able to dive into the coral reef even if you are a beginner diver.

In conclusion, we can write that this is paradise, as long as you have a large budget. You can spend an unforgettable vacation and make the most beautiful panoramic photos of atoll Tikehau French Polynesia. Tikehau is not as famous as Bora Bora but Cousteau once stated that its lagoon had the highest density of fish in the word. This was the view from my over-the-water bungalow.

The newest ones, on the other side of the resort, overlook their famous pink beach equally gorgeous view, but there are fewer fish there. I guess you can’t have it all, but when you are in Tahiti, it often feels as if you do.

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