Visit the best attractions in Sicily

Vacation in Sicily a tourist tour of this beautiful Italian island. We saw some amazing towns and the most amazing cathedral I have visited recently - the one in Montreal. In addition, I found a not very popular masterpiece - the Chinese Palace near Palermo. We also saw, of course, Palermo, who is extremely noisy, dirty, sweaty, crowded and just lovely.

We also visited Cefalu, the castle in Erice and the natural phenomenon Skala dei Turki. Erice is an unforgettable medieval mountain town with ancient roots, located in Sicily, near the port city of Trapani on the west coast of the island. The historic city is surrounded by defensive city walls, crowned by a castle, and is dominated by the surrounding area of ​​approximately 800 meters above sea level. You can reach it by car in just 20 minutes, but I guarantee you will never forget the experience.

Another way is via a lift from Trapani, the ticket is 9 Euros return and return. It was not my first time in Sicily, but I was amazed at nature, beauty and local people. I think I can write a book about driving them.

Another opportunity to visit attractions of Sicily is to visit Mount Etna. Take a good look at things because it comes out quite expensive. It depends on where you want to climb, because there are plenty of options for that. Bookmark and Share

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Sicily Duomo
Sicily Erice
Sicily panorama
Sicily Erice
Sicily Mondello Sicilia
Sicily Palazzina Cinese
Sicily Palazzina
Sicily Scala Dei Turchi
Sicily Teatro Massimo
Sicily Cattedrale

The best vacation in Sicily

However, I am very pleased with our vacation and I am sure that I will soon forget all the unpleasant experiences. If you want to visit Italy, why not head to Sicily? The island has many things to offer and that will intrigue you. Find out which places in Sicily you should definitely see and visit if you choose this Italian destination for your next vacation. Sicily is an island of natural beauty, history, contradictions and innumerable delights - especially for the eyes and the palate. If you decide to embark on an exciting adventure, then Sicily is the perfect place.

Agrigento is the heir of the ancient Acragas, called by the ancient Greek poet Pindar "the most beautiful city of mortals". The Agrigento Valley of the Temples is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and today reminds of its former fascination with nine temples, monuments of antiquity outside Greece. If the ancient ruins of the temples of the gods Hera, Zeus of Olympia, Hercules, Concordia Temple are not enough for you, then you can take an hour to visit the home of writer Luigi Pirandello because Agrigento is the birthplace of the Nobel Laureate.

The location of the island of Sicily has always been a blessing and a curse. In the past, the island was a real paradise on earth. During the three flowering periods - under ancient Greek, Arab and Norman rule, Sicily became an important point in the Mediterranean region. For its long history, Sicily has been ruled (usually badly) by outside rulers.

Interesting opportunities to visit are the other attractions in Italy that we wrote about in previous travel books.☺☼

If you are an adventurer and do not mind taking a day out of the pleasant nap on the beach to go up the slopes to the top, then be sure to do it in advance so you do not have to enter the tracks of high-traffic jeeps and wander along the roads are dried lava. If you want to enjoy the snow and the smoking peak from a distance, then at least try the region-specific wines.

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