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Utah nature attractions, these are the most beautiful national parks in North America. Of course there are ski resorts, big cities and hotels for all kinds of tourism. Among the cultural landmarks we can mention Salt Lake City, Red Hills and Pioneer Park. Most parks are accessible year-round, but there are some that are closed in winter. Zion National Park is close to Las Vegas.

From spring to fall it welcomes visitors and has a specially designed Scenic Drive route for their convenience. Take a bus that takes you all the way to the park to make your tour easier. The most visited places are Scenic Drive and Zion Mount Carmel Highway. Bookmark and Share

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The best Nature Attractions in Utah

Arches National Park, an extremely attractive site with over 2000 stone arches. Most interesting to photographers and tourists are Devil Garden, Delicate Arch, Double Arch, Balanced Rock, Broken Arch and Sandstone Arch. The altitude of the park is over 2500 meters and there is snow even in the spring. The most enjoyable time to visit is in the summer. There are many campsites and camping conditions for tourists.

We have already written Grand Staircase Escalante in a separate article, but we will still write that you can shoot many landscapes here with arches, canyons, waterfalls and forests. It covers an area of ​​almost 2 million arches.
Dead Horse Point is located near the city of Moab, one of Utah's most maintained parks. There are great views of the Colorado River and the rocks in the canyon.

They rise to a height of more than 1000 meters. You can see Thelma and Louise Point where the movie ends with the car in the abyss. It is best to walk along a path that is parallel to the edge of the cliffs to explore this amazing place.

Capitol Reef National Park is the last place on our short trip to Utah. It is located west of Canyonlands National Park around the Fremont River. Anyone who enjoys panoramic photography can have their inspiration. Rock towers, canyons, arches and everything amazing that nature has created in this unique place.

Another interesting landmark is Bryce Canyon. The rock formations are so beautiful and unique that you cannot enjoy them for a day. There are several routes in bryce canyon that you can do without a guide.

At sunset you can see the horizon in purple without having to do photo effects. There are enough hiking trails to use when you visit here. We hope you have been helpful with this short article on Utah Natural Attractions.

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