Unique landmarks in Singapore

Unique landmarks in Singapore are a colorful collage of cultures where people of different ethnicities coexist. For this reason, Singapore has four official languages - English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. This great diversity of different cultures and religions thrives in the model of a regulated society.

It is located on the southernmost point of the Malaysian Peninsula in Southeast Asia. The country is known as one of the richest and most organized countries in the world. Despite the hot climate, Singapore is a tropical paradise for most tourists. Holidays in Singapore will immediately delight tourists with its clean and modern look that is inherent in a modern metropolis.

South of Singapore, there are several beautiful islands that are worth a visit during your vacation there. The most visited is Sentosa Island. This is a resort for people of all ages.

This is one of the tourist attractions of the city. It is not by chance called - the island of entertainment. It can be reached by bus, water or by elevator. The latter option is the most attractive. Bookmark and Share

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Which attractions not to miss in Singapore

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Starts from the 15th floor of a skyscraper. There is a lift there. The island can be reached in ten minutes, and the road to it has incredible and breathtaking views. The sights are numerous, but there are some that are a must-see:

What to see during a vacation in Singapore

Singapore Aquarium - the largest in Southeast Asia. Over 2,500 marine species can be seen there.

Musical Fountains Singapore designed by Gaudi, the renowned architect of Barcelona. A magnificent laser music show where the water dances to the sounds of beautiful tunes and enchanting colors;

Merlion - the statue symbol of the city. It is 30 meters high and has an elevator, which allows tourists to reach two observation platforms - one located between the teeth of the lion and the other on its crown.

Aquapark - fun for small and large fans of extreme experiences;

Sentosa island cannot be bored, besides the listed attractions there are countless other entertainments. Other things not to be missed: Zoo - animals live in an environment close to their own and are not closed behind bars. More than 3,200 species of animal species can be observed. There is also a night safari tour of more than two hours among zoo residents; The bird park called Jorung, which is the largest in the world. More than 700 species of birds can be seen there. The park is spread over 202,000 square meters;

Singapore Marina Bay Hotel Complex, which consists of three 55-storey skyscrapers on which a ship is built. On its deck there is a 150-meter swimming pool, restaurant, bar and museum;

Gulf gardens Singapore 220,000 plants, a forest in the clouds and a path for tourists to see can be seen there. At night, the magic becomes full of thousands of lights accompanied by a music show;

Singapore is an unspoken tale that is still being written. A wonderland in its own right, where different cultures, political views and religions clash. Despite its controversial nature, a vacation in Singapore attracts with its tranquility, security and beauty. A harmony that may have a high price - the freedom of the individual.

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