The most important attractions in Tubuai

Unforgettable vacation on Tubuai Island or how to spend your holiday in French Polynesia. Tubuai Island is located in the southern Pacific Ocean thousands of kilometers from the nearest continent. It belongs to the Australian Isles community, although it is thousands of kilometers from the continent Australia.

The islands include the nearby islands of Rimatara, Rurutu, Raivavae. All of these islands are populated and well-known to travel agencies. Specifically for Tubuai Island we can report that it has a population of just over 2,000 people, very friendly, unlike its predecessors.

The area of Tubuai Island is only 45 square kilometers, surrounded by a beautiful lagoon that does not allow ships to reach the island. On the northern side there is a narrow stream through which there is such an opportunity. Coral reef keeps Tubai Island from the big waves of the Pacific (natural shield).

The average depth of the lagoon is 6 meters, but in some places it reaches 20 meters to the southeast. Lagoon waters are filled with ocean currents and carry steady ocean water and many marine inhabitants who feed people on the island. The volcanic character of this distant place forms two mountain peaks that rise over 400 meters. From there you can make beautiful panoramic pictures of Tubuai Island if the weather is clear. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Tubuai island

There are small streams from the mountain that are used for drinking water. They do not flow into the lagoon but collect in several small swamps. The climate is similar to that of Tahiti, though slightly damp.

An abundance of fine white sand and volcanic rocks mixed with coral in the nearby reef are a prerequisite for snorkeling and any kind of water sports. The huge lagoon, twice as large as the island itself, offers 78 km2 of clean water. Add to this combination of endless white sandy beaches and a true tropical paradise.

Lilies are the main livelihoods of the population after fishing and tourism. Here are the most interesting attractions on Tubuai Island. The first is the beautiful lagoon with its marine inhabitants - crustaceans, lobsters and fish.

Eight small islands float above the water and surround the great island in a fabulous picture that can only be seen from the highest point on Tubuai Island. Each island has its own features that you can find if you visit them. Breathtaking landscapes await you if you prefer the eco path to the low mountain.

It is reached by the path passing through aromatic wild orange forests. The last reason to choose this place is the remains of the island 2000 years ago when the island was populated with the first Polynesian tribes.

A lot of effort has been made to keep objects of the ancient people's lifestyle up to date. There are many interesting legends about Marae people and other unique spells about the past of this authentic culture. Frequent visitors are around the world trips of people with adventurous spirit and nature lovers.

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