Vacation on Mauke Island

Unforgettable vacation on Mauke Island, a distant destination on the Cook Islands. The island is located in the southern part of the archipelago and has almost the right circular shape. In fact, this mystical place has a volcanic character with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 20 square kilometers.

For millions of years of the tectonic activity of the Earth, a coral reef has formed around it, which is worth seeing. The water is warm and crystal clear throughout the year. It is this reef that protects Mauke Island from the great waves of the Pacific. The island's permanent population is about 400 people, half of whom are engaged in tourism. Bookmark and Share

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The best vacation on Mauke Island

They live in two settlements of the villages of Ngatiarua and Areora. I have the impression that the island is only twenty meters high above the water, making it vulnerable to the tides of the ocean.

The people of Maui are very hospitable and care for the environment very well. I saw beautiful gardens with flowers and agricultural plants such as coconut palms. Here you will not see an asphalt road nor cars because the distances are very small and they are easily circling or scooter.

There is also an airport that serves tourists. Around Maui Island there is a narrow panoramic road that is extremely smooth and runs along the coast. I could not understand the palms on both sides of the road who planted them, but they were very large and well maintained.

Due to the remoteness of the island from the mainland, nature is very well preserved. Quiet and quiet place to relax and romance where you can see only a few places on Earth. It is good that the local population has not tried to cultivate the island and turn it into planted levels.

They are mostly Polynesians who came from French Polynesia and the Fiji attractions . They are engaged in fishing and small livestock. In the southwestern part of the island there is an abandoned rusty ship, which apparently crashed decades ago.

It can not be said to be an attraction, but it either stood here stuck here in the coral reef. Ugly picture if you ask me. There are no predators on Mauke Island. The population has interesting customs that are similar to the other Polynesian islands.

It's worth visiting if you ask me, but it would seem boring for more than a week unless you write a book for example. Most bungalows have internet but are slow. Still, you have not come here to surf, but to spend an unforgettable vacation on Maui Island.

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