The most important attractions in Sumatra island

In this article I will tell you for my unforgettable journey of Sumatra island, what adventures and beautiful scenery I saw this remote location. Sumatra is part of Indonesia attractions .

This is a different destination at least as regards so famous island of Bali. If you are a true traveler will tour the island with great pleasure. Will do amazing photos of exotic fauna, beautiful waterfalls, steaming craters of volcanoes, will ride an elephant and you will hear many local languages.

The natural attractions of the island of Sumatra stands Lake Toba. It is the largest volcanic lake on Earth, which is quite impressive size (depth 505 m, 100 km due and 30 km wide). Lake Toba is surrounded by mountains and has an altitude 900 meters. You understand how is big volcano if erupt, what injuries can do. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Sumatra island

The last eruption was 75,000 years ago. Another attraction is the island of Samosir, which is situated in the Lake Toba (on the island). The population here is mainly involved in agriculture and fishing.

Under the scorching sun and high humidity grown cattle and traditional for this part of the world crop. Historical attractions on the island of Sumatra immediately notice Istana Maymun in Medan. Interesting palace surrounded by grass built in the Rococo style. The buildings of the palace are painted in typical Indonesia colors (yellow, orange, black and white).

Overall building Istana Maymun is not very high, but you can see many balconies, arches and towers scattered think quite chaotic. This does not mean that you will not like, but somehow colorful and exotic as construction. However, if you come across Sumatra island not waste your time to browse palaces and mosques and to make one safari in nature.

Near lake Tobo you can see the waterfall Sipiso Piso. Water falls from 120 meters and flows into Lake Tobo a small river. North of Lake Toba is the largest park in Southeast Asia - Park Gunung Leuser. Extremely wide variety of wildlife you can see in luck. In the rainforest there are many monkeys and birds, leopards and tigers, even elephants and rhinos.

At the foot of the mountain river Whampoa offers kayaking. If you love to climb the mountain can climb a volcano Kerinci, which rises in the middle of the thick jungle at an altitude of 3600 meters. Transition lasts three days. Located in Park Kerinci Seblat, where you can see endemic species of plants. If you want peace and quiet or to indulge in fishing, this is your place, do not miss it.

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