The most important attractions in Koh Samet

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Unforgettable holiday on Koh Samet Thailand, we spent a great time and enjoyed the white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and exotic underwater world. Over the past 15 years Ko Samet has become one of the most desired destinations in Thailand.

This exotic place is just 200 km from the capital Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand. Competing offer travel services to Ko Samui and Koh Chang. Co. Samet Thailand is surrounded by coral reefs, which have varied water world, the beaches are great for sunbathing and delicious Thai food is preferable. The climate is favorable almost all year except Mr. and months of May to September, when rains and rare storms.

In the past, Koh Samet was inhabited by pirates (there are legends of buried treasures), and now most of it is National Park. There is an asphalt road that crosses the island from north to south, and its branching smaller roads to beautiful beaches on the east and west.

Most beaches are in the eastern part of the island where are clustered most hotels and resorts. The average length of the beaches is about 200 meters, divided between its large stones or rocks carved into the water.

Hat Sai Kaew or Diamond Beach. Perhaps the most popular beach on Koh Samet length of 1 km and width of 25-30 meters. Much of this beach is busy with lounges and restaurants. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Koh Samet

Here the variety of water attractions is greatest. Visitors can enjoy swimming, jet skiing, windsurfing, catamaran sailing. Nightlife is guaranteed, but this place I think is quite noisy and do not recommend it if you want to rest.

Ao Hin Khok and Hat Sai Kaew. These are two adjacent beaches separated by a rock which carries a mermaid and a musician playing. We recommend beach Ao Hin Khok, which is clean, quiet, while beach Hat Sai Kaew is noisy and dirty.

Ao Phai. Located south of the front two beaches. You will find several nice restaurants and fine white sand. In the evenings there are many loud parties in the biggest beach bar.

Ao Nuan. Many small beach near dense forest in which there are wooden bungalows built handmade by the owner. This is the place that I highly recommend for a quiet holiday.

Ao Wong Deuan. The second largest beach on Koh Samet and the only place where you can hire a ferry to mainland Thailand. Here families with children prefer to swim and have fun because the beach is very flat and the water has no sharp stones and mussels.

Ao Wai. One of the most southern beaches in Koh Samet. There restaurant near the beach postroveno on a large boat. The beach is quite dark at night because it is surrounded by coconut trees, on account of that day is very picturesque and tranquil beach for sea lovers.

Ao Kiu Nok. The southernmost beach in Koh Samet, which in recent years is quite crowded. Because the beach is small and rocky, the owners have built many bungalows and indoor pool. The place is quite expensive and noisy. We do not recommend it, it's our opinion of course.

In conclusion we can write that Koh Samet is a small island with its own charm different from the other islands of Thailand. The emphasis here is less sea attractions and relaxing family holiday. Barbecue restaurants have every beach and fruits are in town Na Dan.

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