Top 10 landmarks in Ukraine

For landmarks in Ukraine can greatly write, because they are both extremely beautiful nature and a wide variety of historic monuments.

Here we will focus only on the 10 most wanted foreign tourists attractions in Ukraine. It is good to know that much of Ukraine's plains and mountains occupy a very small part, with the highest peaks are about 2000 meters.

However, in the country passes Carpathian mountain range. There are very good conditions for hiking and in winter to ski. The most popular resorts are Bukovel, Slavsko, Dragobrat and Tysovets. In the summer there are ideal conditions for rafting, biking trails and camping. The water in mountain streams can drink safely.

For those of you who love the sea offer a great summer vacation in Crimea. In recent years, private enterprise is dominant, and we also offer the best conditions for a vacation on the Black Sea. Bookmark and Share

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Cultural and historical landmarks in Ukraine

The water temperature is 22-25 degrees and the season starts in May and ends late September. The largest cities rich in history and architecture are Sevastopol and Yalta.

The capital of Ukraine is Kiev, here are concentrated the most cultural and historical sites in Ukraine. Visit the Cathedral of St. Sophia, where most of Kiev were crowned kings. Inside the church there are many beautiful mosaics and frescoes from the 11th century.

I will list a few tourist sites such as, Percherska Lavra, the Baroque Church of St Andrew - revered by many Ukrainians, St. Vladimir Cathedral and the ruins of the fortified wall of the city.

Another large city on the Black Sea Odessa.

Ukrainians call it the Pearl of the Black Sea, because there are enough warm sunny beaches suitable for holiday temperate climate.

During World War II Odessa suffer many things, but here are woven French and Russian architectural styles. Predominant architecture of the 19th century, surrounded by lots of green areas for relaxation of the population.

From ancient castles in Ukraine may mention the castle to the town of Kamenetz-Podolyskiy. Very well restored monument built around the 12th century. The city was repeatedly invaded and built in the architectural style of the invaders.

Do not miss the towns of Poltava, Lviv and Kharkiv, where you can also see interesting things in the history of Ukraine. Natural tourist attractions can list the nature reserve Askania Nova, Canyon River Dniester National Park Podillian Tovtry, national park and nature park Shatsk Synevir.

All natural objects are available to visitors almost all year for this purpose are special tourist routes to avoid human intervention over the landmarks in Ukraine.

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