The most visited attractions in Tunisia

Historical attractions in Tunisia are leading the tourism industry of this small but beautiful country. They are found mostly in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean, where it is most well-developed infrastructure of the state.

40% of the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTunisia 's Sahara Desert , which is sparsely populated region, the fertile lands in between the mountains in the north. Other interesting attractions in Tunisia are Mediterranean islands Halite , Djerba and Kerkennah. It was here that tourism is most developed in terms of luxury resorts and other coastal attractions.

Our tour begins with El Jem , was a Roman town in central Tunisia and the most famous tourist attraction is the coliseum for gladiator fights , the second largest in the world after the Colosseum in Rome. In the vicinity there are historical museum with an interesting collection of Roman mosaics. Another intriguing attraction is a city in Tunisia Matmata. Is a village where people strange as it sounds live in dwellings dug into the ground.

It is this fact in the 70s of last century inspires scenes of the movie "Star Wars" and since then hundreds of thousands of tourists come here to ascertain the existence of this mysterious city. Bookmark and Share

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The most important attractions in Tunisia

Our tour continues to the town of Dougga - formerly the Roman city with well preserved unique for its time architectural buildings that give vision it appeared generally a statistical average city in the Roman provinces .

We have reserved 3 Roman baths , 12 Roman temple , mausoleum and theater. Interest to tourists is Cartagena tower 21 meters high , built on three levels.

The decoration of this historic landmark in Tunisia is very impressive because of horsemen in the middle part and bas-reliefs in the lower part of the building.

Another attractions in Tunisia in the Mediterranean part island of Djerba (Houmt Souk) - extremely colorful city , preserving culture and lifestyle through the millennia. Proof of this is the synagogue seine , which is almost 2600 years. Islamic culture in Tunisia with its mosques many resemble Muslim attractions in Morocco.

Capital Tunis did not miss it . Here you can see a large number of historical attractions - mausoleums , mosques , palaces and fountains of Greek and Roman times. Visit Dar-al-Bey , Palace Hafsidite and Museum Bardot. Our stroll ended with city Kairouan - the oldest city in Tunisia and the holy city for Muslims.

The most famous building in town is the mosque of Sidi-Ugba. The great importance of this building is the 7th century when Islam enters the primary religion in the country. Stroll the narrow streets of the city and see what they offer vendors .

Haggling is always mandatory. For lovers of ecotourism offer a walk in the National Park Ichkeul . Represents a huge lake with varying water levels in northeastern Tunisia. Ichkeul Lake is one of the few lakes that have survived in Tunisia since the country has a shortage of drinking water.

However, there are very migratory birds , some of which are endangered species. The best time to visit the park is from April to October.

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