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Trip to Azores with my wife. Unlike many places around the world, where the caldera is a deserted "lunar" landscape, everywhere there is everything in greenery. Kilometric valleys are great for farming and livestock. Everywhere free cows can be seen - the Azores are known for their numerous quality cheeses. The beach, which, however, contemplates only "bird's eye view". Caldeira Velha - a natural park with thermal springs in the western part of the island. Here the water is too hot, but in some of the natural pools the temperature is ideal. Bookmark and Share

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The central square of Ponta Delgada - the capital of Sao Miguel Island. Once there was the market. It shows classical colonial architecture.

"Nossa Senhora da Paz" at Vila Franca Do Campo - the most visited temple complex on the island. "Lagoa das Furnas" - henceforth it will become an "oven" in a direct and transportable sense . The thermal activity is very active and a small crawl. Making the place ideal for the preparation of the most famous island specialty - Sao Miguel - a kind of sneaker of three kinds of meat and a lot of vegetables.

The pots are placed in special "nests" by explicitly authorized craftsmen. Then they get bloated. And after about 5-6 hours, the finished downy, melted by the thermal vapor, and very tasty. Every prestigious restaurant reserves its own cuspida nest. At noon in large halls customers are feasting "on the stomach". Forest of fairy tales.

The high thermal temperatures have "removed" the root system near the surface. With more than 2,000 plant species, Terra Nostra Park is one of the most impressive in Europe. Of course, one of the main attractions in Terra Nostra is swimming in the thermal water pool with so high a percentage of iron that you have to miss the towels that you will wipe afterwards.

Furnas is a paradise, and everywhere smoke and smell of sulfur. Tea plantation "Porto Formosa". Sao Miguel, and more precisely its northern slopes, are the only place in Europe that grows tea. There is only one more tea plantation on the island. The machines with which the three categories of tea are produced, depending on which part of the leaf is used.

They differ not in their quality, but in their intensity and strength - whether you will drink it to cheer up or to relax before sleep. Our company on this day. We and two Italians - self-traveler. There are quite a few, because the Azores are an ideal place for great geographic discoveries - not only natural but also in search of their own identity.

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