Incredibly beautiful attractions of Trinidad and Tobago

Small island country of Trinidad and Tobago offers beautiful scenery, rich culture, history and of course very attractive entertainment. This is the place for adventurers who besides diving among coral reefs can also ride and play golf.

Trinidad and Tobago is a place for family holiday and at the same time for people who love challenges. Here's a short list of the most interesting attractions of Trinidad and Tobago. Peaceful romantic kayaking in reserve Caroni Swamp.

This is a paradise for wildlife in lush tropical vegetation of the island. This forest reserve is located near the city of Port of Spain. It is covered with dense mangrove forests, there are many swamps in which they live many reptiles and birds.

Daily excursions by kayak, which are relatively safe for tourists. Another attraction of Trinidad and Tobago is snorkeling. The most popular place for this purpose Speyside.

Here you can enjoy the largest coral in these latitudes, and so-called "Japanese Gardens". There are several wrecks at a depth of 30 meters, which hide many tropical fish and reef sharks. Bookmark and Share

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The most visited attractions in Trinidad and Tobago

Bucco Bay is another interesting place underwater shooting. Here live over 200 species of corals, stingrays, sea turtles and sharks spotted.

Maverick Ferry is the perfect place for lovers of sea treasures in sunken ships in the past. Another protected reserve is Main Ridge. For nature lovers, a special familiarization green path. In the park live over 200 species of birds, wild boars, snakes, armadillos and lizards.

Hire a guide to take you around everywhere in the reserve. For those of you who like to chase the wind offer pristine beach Pigeon Point. Here you can rent kitesurfing and bear in cottage drawn strong ocean winds.

In calm weather you can make your air tour with a paraglider. Pitch Lake is used for health tourism

The sulfur vapor is said to aid in disease such as asthma, arthritis, and certain skin diseases. Biggest Maracas waterfall is 114 meters high, but not very deep. However, if you decide to see it the way there is quite exotic.

Local flora and fauna is well preserved, and the population has managed to preserve their religious rituals before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. Island of Trinidad and Tobago is covered with beautiful and well preserved beaches.

All are covered with fine sand and to them necessarily has large palm trees are a favorite place for cool shade. To be more precise, the services that are offered to Trinidad and Tobago duplicate attractions of Antigua and Barbuda. So exactly which destination would you choose can decide for yourself according to your budget.

The most visited beaches in Trinidad and Tobago are Pigeon Point - the most famous beach, Englishman's Bay - the most quiet and secluded beach for lovers, Castara - beach for fishing, Pirate Bay - the most inaccessible beach, Store Bay - the second most popular beach, Bloody Bay - quiet and convenient for beach relaxation and more.

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