The most important attractions in Tenerife

Travel to Tenerife Island in February. This year we decided to jump back to the favorite Canary Islands. It was a great temptation to go back to Fuerteventura, but the desire to see something new prevailed. There was also a dilemma about where to stay - whether in the southern part of the island, where it is basically almost always sunny or in the north, where most of the time there are low clouds and the probability of rain is great. It all depended on how we wanted to spend time on Tenerife. After a brief look at Google and Google Earth, I found that Tenerife's beaches are not so much enticing, and it's much more interesting to look at the island, and indeed, the intersections are in the northern part. It made no sense to sleep in the south and to waste our time every day to travel north!

The most interesting was a village named Maska and the gorge that leads from it to the sea. I thought it would be one of the things we must visit (the other was the Teide volcano), so I divided the nights in two parts - 3 nights in Puerto de Santiago, from where we would have been more comfortable for the trip to Masca and 5 overnights in Puerto de la Cruz.

Just to note that Masca and Teide have really proven themselves must visit and write about them in separate posts. For the first day I had not planned anything special and we decided to go out, get to know the situation or just be on the beach. In general, I had a great desire to visit the neighboring island of La Gomera, but I was wise and did not arrange for her to visit. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Tenerife

It would just be too early for us - a full day trip to La Gomera, the next day going through the ravine of the Mask and on the third day we would not be able to look out of fatigue! And, anyway, we've driven them to the Canary Islands, and for a year we'll specially dedicate to La Gomera!

Playa la Arena, Puerto de Santiago and Los Gigantes are resorts in the northwestern part of the island. They flip into each other and I never knew where one ends and the next one starts. It's not bad, but consists of hotels only!
On the second day, when we came back from Masca, we came to a carnival in Los Gigantes. It was very interesting, fun and noisy.

Masca - the views here were just as murderous, as I have already said, my favorite spot on Tenerife, and I will dedicate a whole post for it!
Puerto de la Cruz is a very nice town in the northern part of the island. Usually the dilemma of travelers to Tenerife is where to stay - in Puerto de la Cruz to the north or in Playa de las Americas in the south. So, if you come to Tenerife mainly because of the beach or nightlife, it's your place! Puerto de la Cruz is also very touristy, but somehow more peaceful and authentic!
No wonder that 1 kilogram costs about 0.60 euros!

San Cristobal de la Laguna - the old capital of the island. The other place I really liked is Roque de las Bodegas next to Taganana. The road there is narrow and with many turns, no wonder the 30 kilometers from Santa Cruz is taken for about an hour. Besides, I have the feeling that there is never a day without clouds - all the pictures I have seen from this place are similar to mine.

That's why the view is really worth it! Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of the island. In my opinion, you can safely miss it unless you are a fan of shopping. Right next to the bus station there is a huge mall where we killed an hour while it was raining outside. And here he is - Drago Milenario!

At first glance it does not look very big, but if you look at the people who are next to it, realize its size! The Garachico is in close proximity to the Icod de los Vinos and the view of the two cities can be combined. There is a very nice and cozy center and is famous for its rocky basins. Rock pools in Garachico.

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