The most important attractions in Yellowstone Park

A detaile travel Guide on Yellowstone National Park one of the oldest parks in America. The main attraction are bubbling geysers, which are located in the southern half of the park.

That's the way energy is released from the volcano, which lies beneath Yellowstone. The biggest geyser Old Faytful said. Hot water erupting from the depths of the earth at high speed at a height of 56 meters. Almost half of the existing geysers on Earth are here.

On the territory of Yellowstone does not have many hotels and most existing ones were built of wood. Natural diversity of wild animals is greatest in America of course after Alaska. Bison and bears can only see if you enter into the National Park. They can also be observed at large elk, deer and over 150 species of birds. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Yellowstone Park

Most visitors are in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. It starts from the waterfall Lower Falls. The length of the canyon is 36 kilometers, the river passes through a remarkable sites suitable for amazing panoramic photos.

In many places there are specially constructed observation posts that are at altitudes above 300 meters above the river. The efforts of the management of Yellowstone National Park to restore extinct species such as the gray wolf from the Rocky Mountains and bald eagles.

Yellowstone National Park has five entrances for access and 230 km asphalt road for cars. Hiking there are 1900 km of hiking trails. The best time to visit the park is in the months of April to October. During the rest of the year the roads are closed. The exception is the northwest entrance where are most of the hotels.

There are places where you can showering even during the winter months - is not permitted. However, camping is not allowed a place on the river Gardner. Because of the great interest in the natural attractions of Yellowstone National Park has a lot of incidents between people bears and bison. The reason for this is garbage that people leave and serve as food for bears.

Thanks to the Office of National Parks, this problem is solved for now. There are places specifically designed for fishing in the big lake of Yellowstone. The most frequented routes and paths are: Mystic Falls, Lone Star Geyser, Yellowstone Lake Overlook, Pelican Creek and others. Let me just remind you that everything described here is part of natural attractions in Wyoming, that can visit in good desire and budget.

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