The most important travel attractions in Java

Travel attractions in Java that you should see if you are in this exotic country. It could say that Java is half Indonesia, more than half the population lives here. As you can imagine, here live thick, cohesive idea of ​​personal space, as in many places in Asia, simply does not exist.

Here are some of the major cities of Indonesia (such as Jakarta, Bandung, Malang, Bogor, Dzhogiyakarta, Surabaya, which we have heard of Pippi Longstocking. Nature and culture, people and exotic food - all focused only on one island . What to see on the island of Java?

you can spend months exploring the interesting Indonesian culture, but if you only have a few days here which are the most interesting places not to miss:

Prambanan Temple - one of the most beautiful and highest Hindu temples in the world, towering targets 47 meters height. Bookmark and Share

Travel attractions in Java photogallery

Java borobudur
Java Bromo
Java canyon
Lake in Java island
Java pangandaran
Java seaside
Java Water Fall
Java Temple
Java Bromo caldera
Java Sultan palace

Natural attractions in Java

Sultan palace Yogyakarta - become a place where visitors can get acquainted with the culture of Indonesia as shadow theater and famous Java dancing.

The complex Borobudur - if you've seen pictures of Indonesia, this palace was on them. This is the most visited attraction in the country, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The complex includes several platforms, stacked, decorated with more than 2,500 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. The main dome, located on the top platform, is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues. Be here at sunset and the view will remain forever in your mind.

Volcanoes - as the island itself is the result of volcanic activity here is one of the best places in the world if you're a fan of volcanoes. Semeru, Bromo caldera or Tenger (located near Malang) are located in a valley with spectacular canyons.

Acid lake Yen does is unearthly, turquoise and located in the crater of the volcano - spectacular views. How it sounds to sleep in a bungalow on the edge of the crater of a volcano?

Botanical Garden Cebu Paradise - In the heart of the city of Bogor are famous botanical gardens Cebu Paradise - 87 hectares with more than 15,000 plant species, including giant palms, cacti house with orchids lake with huge water lilies (their flowers reach 1 meter).

National Park Pangandaran - part of the national park keeps virgin jungle, another part is open for visits trodden paths. Besides wild tropical vegetation, the park can enjoy the heavenly swimming - the beach Pasir Putin. The narrow sandy beach bordered by a reef rich in fish. An interesting phenomenon that happens on the beach at sunset are local youth who are trying to capture with nets departure time tropical bats - for dinner.

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