Nightlife and jeep safari in Wadi Rum

Travel and jeep safari in Wadi Rum this happened to us during a short stay in Jordan. The valley of a dried river, this is briefly translated by Wadi Rum. It takes about an hour to get there from attractions in Aqaba Jordan by first class road. You need to visit the Visitor center to see what services are available.

This can be saved in Booking in advance. Wadi Rum Desert Territory to date has 85 artificially created Bedouin settlements.

Tent prices range between $ 40 and $ 200 for a double room, depending on the conditions on offer. Inside it has all the amenities of a tourist including free Wi Fi. A jeep safari can be made for about $ 30- $ 50 depending on how long you will be in Wadi Rum. There are several starting points for entering the desert.

Therefore there are different routes you will go through. Get ready for a big wiggle and dust. Dress well because you are in the back of the jeep and there is a strong wind blowing. It's not too hard for you to feel the adrenaline rush. You may take videos and photos during the ride, but be careful not to fall. Here you can see the videos I made and enjoy the Martian landscape and our emotions in the jeep. Each jeep safari has at least two stops.

One is to climb to some height and take panoramic photos of the landscape around you, and the other stop is to drink cardamom tea, which is truly superb. Bookmark and Share

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The best jeep safari in Wadi Rum

Even without a sweetener, it is uniquely sweet. Have a good time though, i.e. be sunny weather and no sand storms. The sand in Wadi Rum is red because there is iron in the rocks. The dunes are difficult to climb because your feet are sinking a lot and you are like in the mountains and walking in the deep snow. But the wind is warm and hotter.

Our route included a jeep walk of about 10 km. We stopped in two places to see where the movie The Martian was shot and a panorama in the middle of the desert. We drank cardamom tea in Lawrence Canyon and found out why they didn't put honey in the tea. In Jordan, honey is extremely expensive, about $ 100 per kilogram of honey. So if you want to trade here is a good idea.

Travel and jeep safari in Wadi Rum is a very good attraction and I highly recommend it. It happened to us for the first time and we were very pleased. It is a good idea beforehand to get a safari with scarves in red and white so that you can remember this exotic destination. The real price is quite low, about $ 5, but they will want to sell it to you for $ 20.

Bargain until the last and remember that this does not offend sellers in any way. This is the case in Arab countries. These towels are Chinese, so be careful what you buy. Towels are sold everywhere, as are scarves and magnets. In conclusion, I want to tell you that it is a good option to stay in the desert for at least 4 to 6 hours to have time for everything. There is also a camel riding stop in Wadi Ram. The cost is $ 20 per hour.

However, the camels seemed small in size and painful, because in Petra I saw much larger camels, well looked at. Next to the camels are ancient drawings from 2500 years ago. I honestly don't believe it because I had the feeling that the locals had scratched them to attract tourists to the area.

If they are so ancient, why is it so easy for tourists to access them. I could climb up to them and also scratch without being stopped by anyone. I conclude my short story about travel and jeep safari in Wadi Rum, and wish all the good emotions that have happened to us in this distant place on Earth.

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