The most important attractions in Agistri

Tourist landmarks of Agistri, the smallest populated area of saronic islands, located between Aegina and the Methana peninsula. It does not have the inspirational living and lively nightlife of Hidra, nor the historic landmarks of Salamina and Aegina , but promises a crystal clear blue sea and quiet evening, as more people come only for a one-day visit.

To this greek island comes ferryboats from Piraeus and Aegina . There are two ports, one at Megaloxori (Milos) and one at Skala, both at the seashore, overlooking Aegina and at a 2-kilometer from the other. Megalochori is the main city of the Agistri, but Skala is a tourist destination, with many tourist attractions.

The beach in Megalochori is a little, it has fine sand. In the summer you will meet many people on the beachfront of the two villages but when they leave for the last afternoon ferry, Agistri subsides and even the noise of the taverns in the evening was negligible compared to the neighboring greek islands.

It has only one populated place to the south - Limenaria, with large rocks and clear water, perfect for diving and snorcheling. Beach Dragonera is a western coast and is a small strip of lawns and a seasonal beach bar. Within a few kilometers of it, you can visit Aponisos, a small village connected with the village and turned into a fishing port with a tavern. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Agistri

The coast and only 1 km from the town of Chalikiada, the most exotic beach of the town. Behind it are many verticals rocks and the white little rocks do make look more blue.

To Chalikiada arrives by boat or by foot, as it descends to a steep and flowing proxhod between the rocks. Agistri is the perfect place if you are in Athens and you have decided that you want to visit an Aigean island but you have one two days and you are not in the mood to get your car.

There the color of sea water is turquoise blue, there are organized beaches with sun loungers and umbrellas. Just 20 miles from the capital of Athens, you see a paradise with a breath of romance. This is not an greek island full of funny young people, but a quiet place for rest and unity.

Residents of the little drought are only about 900 people, but in the summer they reach up to 5,000. And the greek island is so small that it can be walked on foot. This place is a combination of beautiful groves, hidden small beaches and only 4 small towns on the greek island. Many years ago Agistri and the neighboring island of Aegina were part of the Kingdom of Aegina by the mythical King Eaks.

In the 17th century, the inhabitants of the island escaped after numerous pirate raids. They returned only in 1821. According to data from 1835, the island's population numbered 248 people, and only after 1940 the population began to increase.

An interesting story related to the island is that he was hiding the leader of the November 17 terrorist organization Dimitris Koufodinas. He was discovered on one of his wild beaches in 2002. How simplistic and tranquil the beard of this island - real jewelry.

If you want to visit more exciting sights, we highly recommend the attractions of Aegina, this is a neighboring island with an interesting history.

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