The best attractions in Ko Lan Thailand

Tourist information about Ko Lan Island, located 10 km from Pattaya Thailand. This is a very popular island for one-day excursions from the mainland of Thailand. That is why most hotels are located in the east of Ko Lan. Tourists rarely stay here for more than 2 days.

They come here to escape the crowded beaches of Pattaya. In contrast, the beaches of Ko Lan are clean and peaceful and the water is crystal clear and warm. Some of them during the tide are not conducive to swimming. In addition, beach service prices are higher than those of Pattaya. This, of course, should not bother you because every single dollar spent here is worth it.

Entertainment on the island of Ko Lan is typical of this area, water sports, jet, kayaking and underwater attractions. Thai massage and tattoos are common in this area of the world. There is only one temple you can visit and a panoramic platform overlooking Pattaya. To reach the island of Ko Lan, you need to rent a boat from Pattaya for a few dollars.

There is no need to rent a bicycle or motorcycle to tour the island of Кo Lan, because you are in danger of being careless and not seeing any previous damage. You will then have to pay for the repair of the bike or the wheel.

The most interesting attraction on the island of Ko Lan is the beautiful beaches we will describe now. It seems all the beaches are on the west side of the island because the eastern part is rocky and does not go for swimming. Bookmark and Share

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The best experience in Ko Lan Thailand

Hat Ta Waen is Ko Lan's most popular and over crowded beach. It is easily reached by motorboat and for this reason is quite dirty and noisy. The beach is 1 km long and has a full capacity of water attractions and entertainment. Here are the most cafes and restaurants. Souvenir shops also have plenty, including bicycle rental and motorbikes. As a result, we want to pay attention to the narrow streets where many incidents happen.

The most convenient we think is Tawaen Beach. It is located in the north of the island of Ko Lan and has all the amenities of modern tourism. We do not recommend Hat Nuan or also known as Monkey Beach. The sand is small and has many stones. It is also located in the southernmost point of the island of Ko Lan. So here you will not see many people, but you may have problems with thieving monkeys.

We strongly recommend visiting other islands in Thailand such as Koh Samet or the Thailand's pearl - Koh Chang Island.

They love the food of tourists and do not worry about taking it without asking. If you are lucky you can only get rid of scare. Other interesting beaches are Hat Samae and Hat Tham. They are located in the western part of the island and are relatively pleasant for visitors. There is a restaurant and a café nearby, but do not rely on good service.

High-speed motor boats for all kinds of water sports and excursions are available. Hat Thian is the last beach to stop your attention. This beach is about 400 meters long and is always full of tourists. We do not know why, but we think it's because of the reefs that are on both sides of the beach.

If you like to dive and have underwater equipment, this is your place on the island of Ko Lan. In conclusion, we can write about the hotels on the island. They are several concentrated in the eastern part, but there is a shortcut through the woods to the western beaches we wrote about at the beginning of the article. For this reason, we will only mention them.

There are several hotels in the northern part of the island and Sukkee Beach Resort to Hat Ta Waen Beach, Xanadu Beach Resort Ko Lan beach Hat Samae are most convenient for wealthy tourists.

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