The most important attractions in Ikaria

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Tourist attractions of Ikaria are located in the Aegean Sea, between Samos and Patmos, which is considered the home of Icarus and bears his name. Today the island keeps the magic born with the legend. Wild beauty that stops breathing, crystal mountain air, through which the view goes into the infinity of the sea, healing hot springs, pristine bays, hospitable people.

Ikaria has managed to preserve virtually intact throughout the centuries, and with the steps of your shore immerses you in a fascinating past. The capital of the island of Agios Kirikos is the starting point for the northern part, which is also the preferred destination for visitors. There is the picturesque town of Evdilos and the popular Armenistis with its golden beach, where young people from all over the world gather. The Ikaria Sea is considered one of the cleanest in the world.

The water is clear, brilliant and enticing, extremely suitable for swimming, snorkeling and diving. The beaches, beaches on the island promise the most wonderful holiday. For those who want to keep in touch with civilization, Ikaria offers beaches with all the facilities where, after the sun bath, they can have a cup of coffee or have a meal at the nearby pub. Unspoilt, clean, magical bays with sandy beaches or small pebbles, places where time does not matter, because everything is now, and you become the center of the universe and the axis of the earth itself. Bookmark and Share

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So special is the feeling the island can instill in the hearts of its guests. The beaches pass into oak and pine forests, growing along mountain ridges, among the branches of which see clear rivers and lakes. Among these woods are also the treasures of Ikaria - the memories of her past. These are 11th-century Kosk Castle with its charming St. George Church, Drakano Castle, built during the time of Alexander the Great by the Athenians, to watch the Aegean Sea skyline, which rises on a high hill with its 44 foot height.

They follow the village of Campos with the Byzantine odeon, the healing Roman baths, which after an earthquake were literally immersed in the sea and are today an attraction for the divers and temple of Artemis, built in 6 century BC. For adventurous tourists, a dirt road across the mountain in the south of the island, which is radically different from the green and fertile northern part, will be a real experience. Here, passing through a high stone mountain where ninety species of stone meet, incredible views of the endless blue expanse of the Icarus Bay are revealed.

On the island of Ikaria there are still active hot springs, which after modern studies are considered to be one of the most healing in the world. A great attraction on the island are the places where hot springs from the springs flow into the sea where people swim to combine treatment with pleasure. The springs of Ikaria are unique with their varying temperature, which allows different forms of treatment. Throughout the year, festivals are organized on the island, so-called "panigira", which are famous as the most joyous in all of Greece.

Local people celebrate their traditions and customs with music and dancing, which continue until early dawn. The mountain village of Christ is known for the fact that life there during the summer months begins after eight in the evening. Every guest on the island is welcome and can not be immersed in the unique friendly atmosphere with the help of the wonderful local wine.

As a guest of the city of Icrea, you should definitely try some of the local food and drinks to taste the real life here. These are the local wine of Pramneio, a traditional red wine that accompanies every lunch and dinner, chicken delicacies from the island, goat cheese (katharina), vegetable stew, fish, honey and nuts, delicious peppers and tomatoes, as well as local Bohemias, topped with goat's milk ice cream in the small homemade confectionery in village of Armenistis.

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