Beautiful walks and exciting tourist attractions in Vatican

We reached the smallest country in the world, but with the many tourist attractions in Vatican. The area is 44 hectares and a population of about 900 people.

The whole complex is located in the western part of Rome on Vatican hill. Here is the seat of the head of the Roman Catholic Church Roman pope. Hear someone Vatican immediately before his eyes appeared square "St. Peter" and St. Peter's Basilica.

The entire west end is occupied by the Vatican gardens. Represents not a large park, which is supported by the Renaissance to the present day. The climate is mild Mediterranean as tourist attractions in Vatican is 18 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. The most important tourist attractions in Vatican are the Vatican Museums.

Founder of the museum is Pope Julius II in the XVI century. The Vatican Museums are 11 1400 beautifully crafted rooms, including five galleries. Mandatory stops inside the museums are the rooms of Raphael and the Sistine Chapel.

Central to our walk is St. Peter's Basilica. Bookmark and Share

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The most visited tourist attractions in Vatican

The largest Catholic church in the world, at 113 meters high, 220 meters long and 110 meters wide.

The total area is 15,000 square meters Outside there are statues of the eleven apostles, John the Baptist and the huge statue of Christ.

The order and maintenance of the Vatican complex care around 3,000 employees, the Swiss Guards, who have the status of dual citizenship, priests, nuns and security.

For a few hours you can see all of the tourist attractions in the Vatican, but here still short list of the most important ones. Vatican library - the largest library in the Catholic world. Entrance unfortunately limited.

Gallery Kyaramonti and set her Roman copies of Greek marble statues. Gregoriantskiyat Egyptian Museum where you will see native Egyptian works of stone and basalt. Historical Museum - anything related to the pope, such as uniforms, weapons and vehicles are escorted popes.

Pinakothek Vatican represents 15 rooms with splendid examples of painting from XI to XIX century.

Sistine Chapel here Pope welcomes its guests, especially fresco painted by Michelangelo and several famous artists of the time - Doomsday. Interestingly the introduction of a number of conditions to be met by tourists in order to increase the security of works of art.

It appears that cleanliness is a big issue, especially the shoes of visitors. Were introduced special air conditioning to reduce dust, sweat and humidity.

Approximately 20 000 per day visit the Sistine Chapel, sometimes waiting hours until their turn comes to enter into this most famous temple of the Catholic world.

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