Most important and beautiful attractions in Uganda

Although landlocked, tourist attractions in Uganda are very diverse. Since the country is located on both sides of the equator, the climate is humid and hot.

Uganda is located on a flat plateau with an average altitude of 900 meters. Major water transport routes are rivers, and much of the multimillion population lives near the largest lakes in Uganda - Lake Victoria, Lake Edward, Lake Albert, Lake Kogel and others.

The biggest cities with the largest population is the capital city of Kampala and Entebbe. Located near Lake Victoria. The favorable geographical location and proximity to attractions in Kenya and attractions in Tanzania , enables Uganda to visit a year of 150 000 tourists. Kabareza National Park, National Park and National Park Rvenzori Kideposlabo attract photographers and hunters who want to experience the unspoiled nature of this beautiful African country.

For people who love the mountains and mountain ascents offer eco tours to exotic extinct volcanoes and mountain ranges Rvenzori Virunga Mountains. In southwestern Uganda is Bwindi National Park. Incredibly beautiful park, which spreads over an area of 32.000 hectares, over 100 species of ferns and over 160 tree species. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Uganda

Main attraction of the Bwindi National Park are the endangered mountain gorillas. Another interesting attraction in Uganda's Rwenzori National Park. The park can see the peaks, waterfalls, glaciers and lakes.

Flora and fauna in the area are well maintained and endangered species are guarded by specially constituted groups in the area.

In Uganda there are several large waterfalls that do not have the size of Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, but they are also beautiful and have their own charm and power.

One such place is exciting Murchison Falls. Water begins to narrow 300 meters before reaching the mouth of the waterfall, which is only 8 meters wide.

The height of the Murchison Falls is 43 meters, but the amount of water is very high. You can zoom in and out of the waterfall bottom as boarding the small boat, specially delivered for this purpose or take pictures from the top where the water begins to descend.

The view is mesmerizing, believe me. In the eastern part of the country near the border with Kenya is Sipi Falls. Waterfall on three levels, the second drop is the most beautiful and highest.

The last of the many attractions in Uganda is Buranga Hot Springs. A bold large geothermal spring in western Uganda 1ast. Water according to the local population has healing properties and is used for bathing.

Of the historical sites in Uganda can mention Bigo bya Mugyenyi, Kasubi Tombs and Neolithic settlement Nsongezi Rock Shelter.

Our excursion ends with Ntusi site - two large mounds built in 11-15 century during the Empire Kitara.

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