The most important attractions in Sint Eustatius

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The most important tourist attractions in Sint Eustatius or known as St. Eustatius. This is a very small colony of the Netherlands, part of the Dutch Antilles. Located northwest of islands Seint Kitts and Nevis.

The story about this distant destination is very interesting and began the first voyage of Christopher Columbus, who sees in the distance Sint Eustatius, but it bypassed for unknown reasons. Over the years, the island was under French rule, briefly, even the United States.

But the heyday has custody of the Netherlands. For this reason, in 2005 the local people decided in a referendum to remain under the protection of the Netherlands. I wrote population I mean less than 4,000 people. Anyway the island has an area of only 21 square kilometers.

If we look at the island of Sint Eustatius from the southwest or northeast will say that resembles a saddle. One hill is an extinct volcano Quill, and in the central part of saddle of the mountain live local population. There is the equally convenient place for arriving ships.

Unemployment on the island of Sint Eustatius is zero. The location is convenient for storage of crude oil, which are located in the northwest. NuStar Energy is the largest employer on the island. What are the attractions on the island of Sint Eustatius? Not many, but to mention them: As I wrote most important attraction is the extinct volcano Quill southeast. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Sint Eustatius

It is 603 meters high and takes approximately one hour walk. From here on a clear day see the neighboring landmarks in Seint Kitts and Nevis and can make beautiful panoramic pictures of Sint Eustatius.

On the other side of saddle of the mountain is Boven Hills or commonly known as Signal Hill and Little Mountain. This quiet place can not be used for family vacations and swimming. There is only one beach with fine sand Zeelandia Beach, but the conditions are not very good.

There are several untouched beaches in the north like Venus Bay, Jenkins Bay and Boven Bay, but they have to walk, as you blew the wind in your hair and hear the roar of the waves. For this reason, Sint Eustatius is not included in the lists for holidays in the Caribbean.

The coast is rocky with large volcanic stones. Rarely come photographers and nature lovers to enjoy the loneliness in this really attractive part of the Earth. The Dutch language is leading, but most people prefer English as an international and easy. An interesting detail is the currency of Sint Eustatius. It is customary to use the dollar rather than the euro, which is in the Netherlands.

Historical attractions are Museum Sint Eustatius - small but well-appointed with many artifacts and artifacts from past periods. Fort Oranje - is restored fort and guns and garrisons. Located on a hill above the main city.

Boven National Park - 1996 National Park, which covers all uninhabited areas of Sint Eustatius especially around the volcano Quill. Some maps may encounter Quill National Park, which advocates in area. It is prohibited grazing of cattle and sheep and goats over 300 meters in altitude.

The reason is to keep several species of orchids and animal Antilles iguana.Overall the island is not very interesting for tourists and they rarely stay overnight here. Most come on day trips from neighboring islands Seint Kitts and Nevis and attractions in Saint Martin.

If you have diving equipment you can dive in Offshore Area. There are many sunken ships and coral reefs are waiting to be seen and photographed. These underwater attractions are in the area of the two national parks, but control is weak so swim freely and enjoy the natural beauty of Sint Eustatius.

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