The most important attractions in Rome

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I continue my narrative about the tourist attractions in Rome. We are in Rome the second day. After the panoramic bus tour we went down to the Capitol Hill - the Palazzo Senatorio. From here you can see the Roman Forum in all its splendor.

There are several museums that did not have time to visit, but we took pictures of monument Emperor Mark Aurelius . During the panoramic bus tour I saw where the chariot races were held - Circo Massimo. Quite a lot of space that has not yet been built. It was here that the Romans were betting. The winners of these competitions were honored in ancient Rome.

They were very rich and famous people. For comparison with the present time, we can give the example of the football player Leonel Messi - that was the position of these so-called " Riders of chariots. We have a reservation to visit the ancient Rome.

The price is 16 euros and includes a visit to the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. What impressed me in the entire tour of the Roman ruins. There are monuments of Rome's creation 700 years before the New Age. The levels of construction of the buildings during the different epochs of the development of the city are clearly visible. Another interesting thing is how the building monuments were restored. The restorers have not tried to build a building in the way it was real, but have just sealed it as it is now. About 2-3 hours are enough to look at everything and in good weather make beautiful pictures of ancient Rome.Bookmark and Share

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The best sights in Rome

The next stop is Colisea. He was really huge, I even imagined how he looked like the stands for 50,000 people. 80 arches each of which were both entrance and exit. The Coliseum is built so that for 10 minutes all viewers take their seats.

It is good to know that the idea of ​​building the largest amphitheater in the world at that time was to serve the Romans fun. It is wrong to imagine that he has served as a punishment for Christians. The beginning of each day began with fighting between predatory animals against humans, continued with gladiator fighting and ended with the execution of criminals.

The arena was wooden and over it there was a layer of sand that was easy to clean after everyday bloodshed. With my ticket I could only enter the first and second floors. If you want to go down to the arena or go upstairs, the price is 50 euros. Interesting is how the population of a city is calculated relative to the places of the amphitheater.

It is multiplied by 10, in this case Rome was about 500,000 people during the time of Emperor Titus. Between the Colosseum and the Roman Forum is the arch of Constantine. She can be said to be the founder of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. There are quite a few arches in Rome - the Arch of Titus, the Arc of Septimius North and others.

Apparently it was fashionable at that time that the great emperors perpetuated with such constructions. We continue to the monument of Victor Emmanuel II. Terribly beautiful building, the entrance is free, but it is forbidden to sit on the stairs and to smoke cigarettes. Especially warned me not to sit on the stairs because I wanted to finish my shoe. In front of this monument there is a large circular movement, one of the directions on which the longest Corso street in Rome begins. To tell you honestly in Rome, you can not lose yourself. Everywhere there is a historic landmark that is marked on the map. Try the Italian Ice Cream. It's a worthy but worthwhile thing. The pizzas are nice every piece of 3.5 euros. I did not like their coffee very much. I tried Makiato, Americano, Cappuccino. Coffee like a coffee.

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