Natural and historical attractions in Pennsylvania

Tourist attractions in Pennsylvania are not a few, considering the geographical location of this beautiful American state. Pennsylvania is located in the northeast, but there is no outlet to the Atlantic Ocean. However, there is little water border with Canada 80 km - Lake Erie.

Another interesting detail is the passage of the Appalachian Mountains in the middle of the state. The climate is cold in winter and humid summer. The two largest cities in Pennsylvania Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. What connect tourist attractions in Pennsylvania?

First with the first zoo in the United States. Located in the city of Philadelphia. The state is the only museum of the great magician Houdini in Scranton. Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh and the Museum of Art in Philadelphia. Obviously Pennsylvania has a high living standard since there are one million hunters. It is this fact generate huge cash and provides jobs for many people. Hunting is mainly black bears, rabbits, deer and grouse. Bookmark and Share

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The most visited attractions in Pennsylvania

Fishing in big rivers and Lake Erie is also very developed. Preferred place for nature tourism is Lancaster County Central Park. Resources of the park are good, there are hiking trails and to them convenient parking for cars of visitors, pavilions and picnic areas. Even a library and tennis courts.

The best place for panoramic pictures of places in Pennsylvania Chickies Rock Park. Represents cliff comfortable climbing by experienced climbers. Bear Meadows Natural Area - located in the heart of Pennsylvania. There is a swamp and several hiking trails for hiking. In this protected area has a large number of black bears in the summer enjoy the abundance of blueberries.

Beware tourists! Pine Creek Gorge - the second largest protected area and in our opinion the most beautiful area. Some tourists keen park called "The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania". The river cuts through the land and formed some deep and very impressive canyon covered with deciduous forests. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, is a vantage point for the hawks in the Appalachians. Very convenient place for panoramic photos of the Appalachians, which are covered with forests in this area. Ricketts Glen State Park, the most pleasant place to rest in Pennsylvania. Has everything you need for outdoor recreation.

Here is Lake Jean, in which besides fishing may canoeing. There are several hiking trails that pass through ancient forest and beautiful waterfalls. All waterfalls are accessible and are located close to the trail, which are well marked. The most beautiful waterfalls in Ricketts Glen are Erie falls and Tuscarora falls with height 14.3 m. The park offers horseback riding, so do not hesitate and visit this enchanting place in Pennsylvania. The historic tourist attractions in Pennsylvania Eastern State Penitentiary.

Here was closed criminal famous Al Capone. Currently the prison is a museum and can be visited year round. Point state park - a beautiful place for walking and recreation for the residents of the city of Pittsburgh. This is where cross Allegheny River and Monongahela River to form the River Ohio.

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