The most visited attractions in North Dakota

Tourist attractions in North Dakota are even less frequented by US citizens, one of the reasons is the small population of this state and the continental climate. However, there is still a lot to see, such as Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Great Plains.

The most interesting attraction, as already mentioned is the National Park Theodore Roosevelt. It is visited annually by half a million people, especially in the summer months when the sky is clear and can make beautiful panoramic images much like the Grand Canyon.

The starting point of the visit is the city of Medora. The park has over 200 km of hiking and equestrian route. There are three specially built camp camping and several sites to monitor wildlife. Bookmark and Share

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Historic tourist attractions in North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is home to wild horses, prairie dogs, elk and bison. Over 190 species of birds can be nablshtdavat with binoculars or with the naked eye, including golden eagles, grouse and wild turkeys.

An interesting fact is that the entire park is surrounded by a fence two meters high to keep wild bison and wild horses of migration outside the region. The historic tourist attractions in North Dakota can mention several projects related to the past of the state and in particular with the Indians.

Big Hidatsa Village Site, well preserved Indian village, converted into a museum. Menoken Indian Village Site, an Indian village in which lived about 1,200 people, which was a lot of time. Huff Archeological Site, fortified village on Lake Oahe.

Fort Union Trading Post, an important post in the past for the fur trade along the upper Missouri River. Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, located 11 km from the city of Mandan. Here you can see an Indian village On-A-Slant and restored military buildings since General Custer, including his home.

Devils Lake, a large lake in the northeastern part of North Dakota unfortunately unfit for drinking. The reason for this is the high concentration of salt in the water. It is for this reason more Sioux gets a name it interesting. Yet here fishermen can enjoy successful fishing and pleasant moments in nature.

Lake Sakakawea, the largest lake in the way of the Missouri River. Pond extending the territory of 6 areas. Used for irrigation and drinking. On Lake Sakakawea are three major cities and several summer camps for recreation and fishing.

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