Tourist attractions in Louisiana

The most important tourist attractions in Louisiana, you can visit in this beautiful southern US state lie in the nature and history of this land. Capital of Louisiana is a city Baton Rouge, but the most famous city is New Orleans because of the story and music that are leading the region.

Eastern border is the Mississippi River. Entire length is about 1000 km and flows into the Gulf of Mexico through several river sleeve. A big problem in the last decades is the periodic flooding of lands along the lower Mississippi. The reason is neglect of human and low altitude. Therefore form many swamps and make people emigrated from southern Louisiana. Jean Lafitte national historical park, protected area in southern Louisiana near the city of New Orleans. Reserve may consider traveling by canoe or specially built pedestrian areas in dense forests and swamps. Can also join the curriculum and see the visitor center where there are many film and exhibits. Bookmark and Share

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The most interesting tourist attractions in Louisiana

Such beautiful scenery photo you can see among attractions in Oklahoma. Lake Pontchartrain, large oval estuary of the Mississippi River, which then flows into the Gulf of Mexico. The water is brackish because of the tide of the sea.

Here the fauna is represented by several species of birds such as the bald eagle and brown pelicans. Here hurricanes are common and cause massive damage to Lake Pontchartrain. Kisatchie national forest, the only one in the state. You will not see the roads because they would harm the forests and meadows in the area.

Forest offers leisure travelers decided to visit her. Bird watching, canoeing, boating, camping, biking, fishing, horseback riding and mountain biking are just some of the attractions of the park. Atchafalaya basin, the largest swamp in the United States. Sparsely populated with people, Atchafalaya basin is covered with cypress forests and wetlands.

Government and the local population in the state is making tremendous efforts to stop the increase of the marshes by building control dikes, but now without much success. From architectural tourist attractions in Louisiana can mention the Louisiana State Capitol.

It houses the offices of the state government and the legislature. The last stop on our virtual journey through the tourist attractions in Louisiana Jackson Square. This is an interesting historical park for a walk in the French town of New Orleans.

The park was designed in the 17th century in French colonial style, and in the middle is the monument of Andrew Jackson - hero of the historic defeat of the Americans in the first Indian wars and then in the Battle of New Orleans. Later became president of the United States.

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