The most important attractions in Ithaca

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Tourist attractions in Ithaca, as you can see, are mostly related to the hero of the Odysseus Trojan War. Although there is no archaeological evidence that it is the island of Odysseus, the interest in it is great. The population of Ithaca is about 3,100 people living in the two largest cities. Vathy is the capital of the island, which has an area of ​​96 km2.

In fact, the island is divided into two approximately equal parts with the isthmus of Atos, which is 600 meters wide. To the southeast is the island of Kefalonia, and to the north Lefkada Island. Drinking water resources on the island of Ithaca are limited and therefore agriculture is underdeveloped.

The main livelihood is the breeding of cattle, fishing and tourism. Which are the most visited places in this mythical place? First of all, the tourist village of Kioni. The city is situated on a convenient bay with all the amenities for the tourists (restaurants, cafes, small hotels and a nice beach).

The Monastery of Kataron, situated at the highest point, with the possibility of a magnificent view of the other islands of the Ionian Sea. The main port of Stavros with the only monument of Odysseus.

The beaches are numerous, but with a small length, covered with small fireplaces and no sand. Most beaches can only be reached from the sea. This ensures your tranquility and seclusion. Water is very clean and warm during the summer months. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Ithaca

The lack of large trees near beaches is a disadvantage because you will not have a shadow. Aetos Molos and Piso Aetos two small beaches near olive trees. Ithaca is a green island with vast olive groves and small vineyards, and gardens with orange, lemon, fig and peach trees.

The island's vegetation is typical of the Ionian Islands. Oak trees, cypresses and beautiful wild flowers such as daisies, poppies, anemones and cyclams grow on the slopes of the mountains. Along the roads and the mountains rises sage, thyme and rosemary.

The rock formations of the island are composed of mother of pearl and limestone. Like the other Ionian islands, Ithaca often suffers from earthquakes, although there has not been a single earthquake since 1953. The island produces its own wine, olive oil, cheese, yoghurt and goat meat, which are used by local restaurants and for the needs of the inhabitants.

The pride of the island is precisely organic products. The Hamilton House in Kioni was built in 1892 by Elizabeth Hamilton, the lord of Lord Nelson's mistress, after a brief period of time in the British Empire. Local people still today call it "Lizzie".

Over the years, many celebrities have come to the island - Sofia Loren, the British royal family, Madonna, Nicholas Cage, Tom Hanks Shade, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mr. Bean (who has a house on the island that nobody knows where it is). For the past 15 years, Itaka has begun to gain more from the benefits of tourism but still manages to maintain its authentic look.

There are no huge hotel complexes or unattractive buildings built on the island, as the rules for housing construction are strictly observed. Itaka is increasingly renowned for its exquisite choice of travelers - a place where one can immerse in the preserved atmosphere of the small Greek islands - an opportunity that few of the famous tourist destinations in Greece offer. Ithaca or Ithaki, as local people call it, can be fully deservedly called the land of discovery.

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