The most visited tourist attractions in Connecticut

The most visited tourist attractions in Connecticut are undoubtedly connected with the nature of this beautiful northeastern US state. Connecticut River crosses the territory of the state of the middle and into the Gulf of Long Island Sound.

Although there is a large sea border to the east, we can not say that there is direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. The reason for this is Long Island. Because in coastal areas there are small beaches, which are only used by people living near them. Fishing is well developed and is the main livelihood for the population. Klimamat is continental with many sunny days a year.

We start the tour among the tourist attractions in Connecticut and in particular East Rock Park. A popular destination for residents of New Haven, open year round for visitors. Bookmark and Share

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Top 8 tourist attractions in Connecticut

National Park East Rock offers rock climbing, walking and walking, winter skiing, bird watching and more. In the highest part of the park there is a monument to the soldiers and sailors.

Thimble Islands, about twenty small islands near Branford. Archipelago is a low island of pink granite. Most have settled and built with houses in different architectural styles. Islands can explore by canoe or rent a speedboat. In recent years Thimble Islands are a favorite holiday destination for tourists.

Sherwood Island State Park, a quiet place to walk, picnic, fishing and bathing in the summer months, it is briefly about this place. Rocky Neck State Park, offers tourists camping services and accommodation in nearby towns.

Sea fishing and a small beach with fine sand are the advantages in summer. Near the camping is natural museum which has exposed local animal and plant species. Hammonasset Beach State Park, this is the place with the longest coastline in the state of Connecticut.

Meigs Point Nature Center, located in the territory of the park has facilities for growing snakes, turtles and other reptiles that can see round. Furthermore offers boating, fishing and camping accommodation. Gillette Castle State Park, park in Connecticut, located on the eponymous river.

The most famous attraction here is the castle built by actor William Gillette in a strange architectural style. At the moment everything is owned by the State of Connecticut, as the castle added another cruise and steam locomotive specially constructed for the purpose rails.

Connecticut is rich in deciduous forests, mostly maple and oak. There are a lot countryside typical of northern America. Visit the house of Mark Twain in Hartford City, which is now a museum. It was here that the famous American author wrote magnificent works known worldwide.

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