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Tourist attractions in Albufeira a major European holiday destination. Situated on the coast in the center of the region, about 36 km west of Faro, the city is synonymous with tourism and boasts some of the best beaches in Portugal. Once a quiet fishing village, Albufeira still retains something of its traditional character. The old town center is a maze of steep, narrow streets lined with white houses and fishermen's houses that lead to a great beach.

Evidence of Albufeira's Roman and Moorish heritage, however, is scarce, with only the remains of the once mighty castle walls visible. Inside, away from the noise, a more secluded Algarve awaits to be discovered - the countryside changes little with the progress of tourism. Albufeira is blessed with an exceptional selection of beautiful and unspoiled beaches. Praia dos Pescadores is right on the doorstep of the resort. Named after the colorful fishing boats that once adorned the beach, this beloved family is conveniently within walking distance, but can become uncomfortably crowded during peak season.

Alternatively, nearby Praia da Oura can be reached by following a scenic two-column coastal trail east of the resort. Bigger and less sheltered than its neighbor, this beach is a popular windsurfing destination. Bookmark and Share

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Also nearby is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve Portugal and a beautiful pocket of sand surrounded by rocks with honey, resembling wedges with honey ginger. Slightly more exceptional is the picturesque Olhos da Agua, located five kilometers from the center of Albufeira and connected by local bus lines. This is a great place to watch the kids when the current is outside; the high sand and rock pools at the ankles are a dream on the beach.

Increasing accreditation Albufeira is the destination's holiday marina, located four kilometers west of the resort. The central focus of the luxury holiday apartment complex, the marina, makes an interesting departure from the hectic city center. Surrounded by a curb lined with several cafes and restaurants, plus many shops and lively market stalls, it is also the starting point for many sightseeing cruises, sea excursions and other tourist attractions for adventure.

Largo Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco. The Boolean center of Albufeira is sticky, above the top and absolutely irresistible. Named after a famous Portuguese statesman and 20th century civil engineer, this modern pedestrian area attracts locals and tourists to the many restaurants, caf├ęs and snack bars. It pays to browse the range of fashion boutiques for cheap summer clothes and it is worth exploring the craft workshops Rua Candido dos Reis for local souvenirs and a nice selection of various holiday kits. An interesting cultural attraction is the Pintor Samora Barros Gallery, a remarkable contemporary art gallery that displays works by Portuguese and international artists. After sunset, crowds of bunkers and street artists seem to help entertain the crowds. The square is a short Largo Kais Herculano, the city's bustling promenade, where part of the original Castle Wall - now part of the facade of the restaurant - can be admired.

Castelo de Paderne Donald Goram. The atmospheric ruins of Paderne Castle sit in beautiful isolation high on a hill deep in the Algarve hinterland. Built by the Moors in the 12th century, on the site of an earlier Roman fortification, the castle overlooks the Quarteira River where a well-preserved Roman bridge can still be crossed. However, the castle turned out to be less resistant to the ravages of time.

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