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If you do not have many days and you want to travel more places in Sweden and Denmark, there is a very advantageous tour of the Oresund Strait. Around the Sound Ticket (Öresund rundt Card) is a two-day card with the opportunity to make a full tour of the stream. The map costs SEK 249 or 199DKK depending on whether you buy it from Sweden or Denmark (we bought it from Skånetrafiken's office in Malmö station). You have the right to travel unlimited by train or bus in the Scania area in Sweden, in Denmark the map is valid for a train journey along the coast as well as for public transport in Copenhagen, also applies to the ferry between Helsingborg and Helsingor. The journey must take place in one direction (as you choose) and there is a condition if you cross the Oresund Bridge to one side, the crossing with Sweden and Denmark to the back. Bookmark and Share

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The map displays the date from which it will be used and then only appears on the controls. You can find the transport schedule here. Our first stop was Lund. The town is small, but there is something to show. Here are one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Sweden and the oldest university in Scandinavia.

We went to the botanical garden - a very nice place to relax in Lund. The Lund Cathedral was built in 1080 and lit 65 years later. It is worth taking time to visit it from inside. To the right of the altar is the entrance to the crypt, largely untouched since 1123. The large astronomical clock from 1425, which shows not only the time but also the zodiac signs, moon phases, date, day of the week, etc. Every day, at 12.00, the bells of the clock beat a short performance: three sages pass and worship before Our Lady and the baby Jesus. The oldest university in Scandinavia - founded in 1666.

To our luck, just the day of our visit there was a student carnival, and we were not able to visit the university building. The carnival was a bit confused by our plans and we had to stay a little longer than planned. Because all the streets were closed, we could barely get to the station. Our next stop was the city of Helsingborg. There was a plan to visit the Kärnan Tower (input 40 SEK), but due to the advanced time it was already closed.

Another interesting landmark around Helsingborg is Castle Sofiero - naturally, and we did not have time for it. After a short walk, eating and taking some pictures, we headed for the Helsingor Ferry. Ferries take 15 minutes and the journey takes about 20 minutes. Scandinavians may enjoy this ferryboat for coupons and spirits, because there was a lot of fun on the deck with music and dancing.

The Danish town of Helsingor is known for the Kronborg Castle (full ticket - DKK 80), which is a prototype of Elsinor Castle in Hampshire Shakespeare Tragedy. We did not pay attention to the castle, just took a short stroll along the quiet streets of the town. At 20.00 we were in Copenhagen. The flow of the stream can be done in one day (especially if it starts earlier), but if I had more time, I would spend two days for her - overnight in Lund or Helsingborg.

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