The most important attractions in Santorini island

Top landmarks of Santorini, a description of my exciting journey with my wife. The second day was entirely dedicated to mountain climbing to the highest point on the Santorini island - the peak of Profitis Ilias, 565 meters above sea level. If it was not a strong wind reaching 80 km / h, I would say that it is easy to climb.

It would take about two and a half hours to deal with it. The view is amazing because panoramic pictures of all parts of the island can be seen in clear weather. On the way back to the left, there is a small Panagia Katefiani church located 200 meters in the rocks of Mesa Vouno.

Naturally it was locked, but in the evening we saw clearly the light in the high rock of our hotel in Perissa. The third day was for hiking to Akrotiri and Red Beach. We walked about 10 km along the main road between Emporio and Akrotiri.

We made many panoramic photos of the western part of Santorini until we reach this village. Again, small streets where you can go. There are drawn transverse thick white lines that show where it is for tourists. The village looks like the other settlements on the buildings and the streets.

Here are the remains of an old fortress on the top and archaeological excavations of a prehistoric Minoan settlement. 2 km from Akrotiri is the Red Beach.

I would say that it is a very small and narrow beach tucked into the red rocks around it. It is they who keep the beach from wind and therefore is a preferred place for tourists. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Santorini island


I froze and walk into the water. It was about 20 degrees, but very clear and clean. There were many colorful fish that did not pay much attention to me. Just where the waves are broken, there are medium-sized smooth volcanic stones. I even took home ten, giving them to the relatives (if they want).

The sand on the beach is black but in no case dirty. We stayed here for about 3 hours, then we went back to the hotel. Altogether for the day we walked 21 km.

Last day I made a private tour of the caves beneath the Mesa Vouno Mountain, hoping to see something interesting (according to the locals it was attractive). Caves are strongly said because they are carved for unknown reasons by someone and are a few meters deep.

I walked around them all, got a few snapshots and came back to the hotel. I was impressed by the poor culture of street drivers. The rights of pedestrians here do not apply. Better wait for the cars to pass, so you do not risk crashing. Scooter bikes are ripped off by both old and young.

Almost all without helmets. The streets of Santorini Island (it's about the countryside) are narrow and very dusty. The cleanliness is low, there are lots of junk thrown by tourists and not cleaned.

Another interesting attraction offered by the tour operators is a voyage to the volcano Nea Kameni. In addition to the view of the smoky volcano, water cooling is offered in a small bay of Palea Kameni. Hot springs mix with sea water and tourists who can swim jump boldly. Another attraction is the beautiful sunset that can be seen and photographed from the city of Oia. The view is amazing and worth documenting.

I barely saw trees on the island, but stones and low shrubs. Overall, we are very pleased with the island of Santorini, because in a few days we have seen almost everything.

I highly recommend visiting this magical place. In my opinion, 3-4 days are enough to see everything interesting. We've had a good time and a pretty strong "windy" wind.

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