Top landmarks in Kentucky

Officially, we can divide the top landmarks in Kentucky of natural and historical. Years ago it was thought that these natural beauties were some of  landmarks in Virginia, but after the announcement of Kentucky for autonomous they need to be distinguished.

Wide area of Kentucky is covered with fertile pasture plant "Bluegrass". This is a type of grass that grows on fertile soil fed to cattle, sheep and cattle. When this grass is left to grow much, it acquires a blue tint, hence the name. Ohio River is the northern border of the state, and the Mississippi River is the western border. Therefore, the main transport is navigable rivers.

In Kentucky, are the two largest artificial lakes in the East - Lake Cumberland and Kentucky Lake. Environmental protection is an important part of the development of Kentucky. Let me just list what has been done in the last decades in this respect. Bookmark and Share

Landmarks in Kentucky photogallery

Beautiful and unique top landmarks in Kentucky

Currently this American state boasts two national parks for recreation with many hiking trails, 45 protected areas, two historic parks and one park. Which are however the top landmarks in Kentucky?

Mammoth Cave National Park, the longest cave system in the world. Located in central Kentucky. Biosphere Reserve is located above the cave maze, green meadows between Green River and Nolin River.

Red River Gorge, Canyon in the eastern part of the state with an abundance of sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, natural rock bridge and many rock overhangs ideal for climbing in Muir Valley. There are more than 100 km of hiking trails tailored and well maintained. There is a place for horseback riding and camping.

Cumberland Falls, a beautiful waterfall on the Cumberland River, in southeastern Kentucky. Cumberland Falls is 21 meters high and 38 meters wide. This is one of the few waterfalls where you can monitor the arc on a clear night with a full moon. Canoeing on Cumberland River is possible only in the upper part of the river to the waterfall.

Big South Fork National River, located on the border between Tennessee and Kentucky. The area is known for the many natural rock arches, which are particularly large. Therefore we can safely join them landmarks in Tennessee. Lake Cumberland, a beautiful lake in the southern part of the state.

Lake Cumberland has a highly indented coastline, after the construction of the concrete dike, which regulates the water level and prevents flooding the whole area under the lake. It is these reasons lead many tourists each year, to spend unforgettable emotions (hunting, fishing and sailing sports) about this landmark.

Breaks Interstate Park, located between Virginia and Kentucky. Area of the park is known for the deep canyon of the Mississippi River and Russell Fork.

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