The most important attractions in Sicily

Top beaches on Sicily, the largest and most famous island in the Mediterranean, attract thousands of tourists a year with a romantic atmosphere, stunning scenery and history. The island is the perfect place for lovers of beach adventures to spend an unforgettable holiday. With a beach of about 1500 km long, bathed in the Ionian, Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas, the beaches of Sicily can satisfy every taste.

Here you can find some of the most dramatic beaches embraced by dark blue turquoise or emerald green waters. Sicily's beaches offer hot, water-friendly water throughout the summer and autumn, with the best months to visit from June to October.

Among them there is something for everyone: crowded beaches with conditions for beach parties and entertainment or lonely places perfect for relaxing and romantic escape from reality. Here are the most beautiful Sicilian beaches that are worth visiting:

Cefalu. The long crescent of soft golden sand of Chafalu is a nice place to spend a day ... or a week. Baking in the sun, looking through the blue-green waters to the medieval cathedral surrounded by beautiful rocks, the beauty of this beach can seduce you to stay longer than expected. Peaceful and warm waters are ideal for families with children, and alongside the proximity of Cefalu to Palermo (an hour by train) make the beach one of Sicily's favorites. The city also boasts a charming historic center. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Sicily

Scala dei Turchi. The blasted Scala dei Turci of the Arabian pirates (referred to briefly as "Turks"), which according to the legend have been hiding here in turbulent weather, this dazzling white staircase is the most blinding beach of Sicily. Arriving from Agrigento (15 km to the east), Scala de Turchi is the first beach ideal for children because of its shallow waters, and the elderly and adventurous spirit will hardly resist climbing on the smooth rock.
Torre Salsa. Most people who travel between the well-known Greek ruins of Agrigento and Selinutone do not even notice the Torre Salsa exit - and that's a nice thing! Although it is one of the best beaches in Sicily, this long stretch of golden sand, supported by white rocks, remains remarkably isolated. Yes, you have to move a lot to get here, but once you arrive you will have no trouble finding a quiet place to put your towel. The surrounding nature reserve, run by the World Wildlife Fund, offers some pleasant walks with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the coast.

Mondello. When the summer comes, everyone in Palermo takes beach towels and heads 11 am north to this popular 1.5-kilometer strip of white sand surrounded by the beautiful rocky hills of Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo. In fact, Mondello is the favorite of the Palermo crowd since the early 20th century, when local aristocrats squeeze out the surrounding swamps and challenge the construction of the Art Nouveau villas by the coast. Antico Stabilimento Balneare, a charming late-century bathroom with a pale yellow fa├žade and lively towers rising photogenic from the Art Nouveau pier in the center of the beach, is one of the main attractions.

Isola Bella. As a true picture that you will find anywhere in the Mediterranean, Isola Bella boasts a prime location, just 10 minutes' drive from the elegant resort of Taormina. Located in the adjacent island nature reserve, it is reached by the main road through long stairs and is popular among the Italians who come here to sunbathe between the breaks in the surrounding cafes and beach clubs. The bluish beach here is rocky, not sandy, but the water is brilliantly transparent and great for snorkeling.

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