Top 10 beaches in Koh Phangan

Top beaches in Koh Phangan that you should see if you are in Thailand. Summer in paradise and some beautiful beaches you may not know about. Thailand is undoubtedly one of the top destinations, welcoming over 30 million people worldwide each year, attracting them with its incredible beaches of crystal water and fine sand. The most popular on the island, which is known as the Full Moon Party.

I was expecting it to be super crowded and dirty, but it turned out to be quite the opposite, one of the best on the island. The water was crystal clear, the sand can't tell you how soft and gentle it was, and the color was something between gray and white.

LEELA BEACH, there were no people, it was super quiet, there are several hotels and all of them put sun beds and umbrellas on their sand for their guests, but there is still plenty of space for your towels. On the beach at Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa Hotel is the large swing between the two coconut palms. If you go there, be sure to click on one photo.

SECRET BEACH, we were at Koh Raham, which is at the end of the beach, so we decided to take a closer look. There is only one tree and if there are people like when we were we would have nowhere to hide from the sun. It's definitely worth a visit, and it's a good starting point for Bottle Beach. No matter what part of the country you are in - the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman Sea you will enjoy turquoise waters, coconut palms and soft sand. Bookmark and Share

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The best beaches in Koh Phangan

He is best known for full moon parties that take place at Full Moon. The interesting thing is that all are colored with neon colors and put on sparkling clothes. The parties take place at Haad Rin Beach. Do you enjoy lounging all day at the beach or playing some games and why not swing on a swing between two coconut palms.

Leading to the most beautiful beach on the island is undoubtedly Bottle Beach. Uniquely clean, calm and emerald blue. We preferred to spend the first part of the day at the beach and it was probably a better option, as a few more couples came at noon, but still one would say that there is no one since the beach is several kilometers away. It is only possible to rent a boat from Chaloklum Beach. Again about 300 baht is a two way ticket to the beach.

There was a port, but the water was still clear and blue. The sand strip itself is thinner in places, but still there were no people and it was super calm. The water is shallow and very warm. Definitely Haad Rin is in the top 3 beaches on the island.

Thong Nai Pan Yai Beach and Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach are two beaches next to each other and very similar. Very beautiful and peaceful. We were the only visitors in the morning when we left. Fine sand and blue water, what else does a person need.

HAAD YAO. Located in the northwest of Koh Phangan. Big and long, but in my opinion the water was not so crystal clear, but otherwise the sand was again like powder. There are large and luxurious resorts here. The beaches are several kilometers long, very calm and the water is beautiful. Secret Beach - you can combine the beach with the famous and amazing Koh Raham. It is suitable for snorkeling and the food is good too. Khom Beach - a beautiful little beach with many coconut trees nestled between the rocks.

SALAD BEACH. Long with fine sand and crystalline water. and there was a swing again. We were in the morning and there was only one other family with children besides us.

MAE HAAD BEACH. We saw him at sunset, but next time we will visit him during the day. I've heard from photos and stories that it's beautiful and well worth it, so don't hesitate.

HAAD KHOM BEACH. We saw it on the water from the return boat from Bottle Beach, but it looked pretty good. Blue water, sand and coconut palms.

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