Top 10 USA cities that are worth visiting

Explore the the country of unlimited possibilities and most visited Top 10 USA cities to feel the spirit of this great country.

LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA: One of the lowest cost vacation spots, in one of the wealthiest areas, you can just enjoy some of the best beaches in the world. Walk the Venice-like canals and watch the prehistoric Manatees swimming. At night, you can window shop the many storefronts until you find one of the local jazz clubs that suits your fancy.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: If you have ever drunk a Coke, the company started here at Coca Cole Place. And, think how far we have come from the national historic site where Martin Luther King staged the famous peaceful demonstration walk, now with having Barack Obama as President.

WASHINGTON, DC: You can spend a month here, and never see every site you wanted to.  Firstly, is the White House where President Obama and his family reside.  There is the Capital, and of course viewing the authentic Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, the foundations of our Constitution.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA: History buffs will head straight for the Liberty Bell, or if you are a movie fan maybe the Rocky Balboa statue. Visitors can purchase a six attraction city pass which is $58 for adults and $39 for kids. Bookmark and Share

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Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Atlanta Georgia
San Luis Obispo California
Arizona Painted Desert
Fort Lauderdale Florida
Glenwood Springs
Night in Cincinnati Ohio
Kentucky Louisville
Texas Austin

The most visited top 10 USA cities

CINCINNATI, OHIO: Named for the Roman General Cincinnatus, this city is home to some pretty famous sports legends. Johnny Bench could be found behind the plate as the catcher for the ‘Reds,’ and the ‘Bengals’ franchise stadium is named for legendary coach, Paul Brown.

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY: Lots of kids use bats named after this bluegrass city, ‘Louisville Sluggers’. A tour of the plant provides many memories. This area is more famous for a place called Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby.

AUSTIN, TEXAS: If you like country music, several people label Austin the ‘new capitol of country’.  One place, famous for giving artists a start, is the Broken Spoke.  Austin also honored a rock star, erecting a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn, who cut his teeth here while becoming maybe the best guitarist in rock history.

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO: This city offers the best hot springs pool in the country, and several quaint shops surrounding it. You can bask in the warm healthy water and see the tops of the Rocky Mountains in the background.

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA: Toward the Western end of the Santa Fe Railroad line, this old mining town is steeped in frontier Southwest tradition blossoming into the 21st Century. You don’t have to drive a Corvette convertible like Tod and Buz some remember in TV’s ‘Route 66’, but a motorized vehicle of some kind is warranted by the mountainous terrain. To the North you can take a day trip to the landmarks of North America and Grand Canyon.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA: A real draw card for SLO is the picturesque scenery surrounding this city nestled in the Sierra Madre foothills. The Hearst Castle landmark was once home for the huge publishing empire family. 

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