Attractions of Tonga in the Pacific

Little known to the modern world, attractions in Tonga are as beautiful as in the majestic Pacific Ocean. Tonga is a Kingdom, and the first thing you need to know about these islands that are located near the line of change of date. At this place the first meet a new day.

The area is quite large as approximately that of Japan, but spread of approximately 170 smaller islands. Distance is much greater than any continent, but in recent years is quite willing to visit these exotic islands.

Attractions of Tonga trench divided into two parallel archipelago island groups - Tongatapu, Vava'u and Haapai. Earthquakes are common here, leading to elevation of some islands above the ocean, while others sink.

This prevents a lot of shipping and especially the large tourist liners. In general, the islands are volcanic or coral nature. The climate is generally pleasant, because attractions of Tonga is located quite a distance from the equator. Tongatapu is the main island of Tonga, which is the capital Nuku'alofa. Eastern part of the island around by bus, and during the short drive you will meet the most significant archeological excavations. Bookmark and Share

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beach of Tonga
Tonga blow holes
Tonga Vava'u
Trilithon monument in Tonga
Tonga tongatapu
Natural park of Tonga
beach of Tonga blow holes
lagoon of Tonga
coral island of Tonga
countryside of Tonga

Storms and rain is not missing in attractions of Tonga

In Ha'amonga a maui may even see something like Stonehenge was built in XIII century there are rocks weighing 40 tons.

In Mua can visit the stone graves, which resemble pyramids. Do not miss the grave Paepae Calves of a great ruler of Tonga - Ulukimata I.

To the north are the islands of Niuas. There, hikers have interesting eco tours, such that the cone of the volcano Taafaki.

If you do not want to climb the mountain, we can offer you interesting fountains gushing straight from the ocean 30 feet. They get the excitement. As is greater, the higher fountains.

Located near the village of Home, and these fountains are Mania Vaea. In In attractions of Tonga is everything from a relaxing romantic holiday on a beautiful beach to exciting fishing diving.

Accent is all water sports including skiing kayaks and windsurfing.

You are still many surprises - visit this enchanting place on Earth will not regret it. If you are interested in funeral customs of the local population, we can offer visit attractions of Tonga and the village Lapaha and Langi Tombs. The chiefs of the tribes in Tonga were buried in specially built stepped graves of coral stone. According to the laws of Tonga, these tombs should not be unearthed, and therefore little is known about them.

Other attractions of Tonga, which should not be missing Reserve Flying Fox. This is a protected area in the western part of the island. It has a population of fruit bats can easily see from the road.

Local people call them flying foxes due to their body size. The biggest attractions of Tonga is called the blocks Trilithon. These rock fragments are brought from nearby Wallis Islands. Scientists do not know why they are placed and what was their intended purpose.

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