List of main attractions in Togo

Attractions in Togo are only a small part of the beauty of this beautiful western region of the continent of Africa . Togo is bordered by the little-known world countries such as Benin , Upper Volta and Ghana. The terrain is flat with an average high plateaus covered with tall grasses and low trees, which are home to a rich fauna. Passes through the country Togo mountain range , with an average height of about 700 meters .

For some hikers this is rather small hills flowing in Savannah, but the local population is a mountain . Highest point of the mountain is Mount Togo agouti 986 meters. As you approach the ocean coast of Togo , the landscape becomes flat until you feel the roar of the waves. Sands of the beach is narrow and poorly developed tourist business.

Near the coast there are many undercurrents that scare tourists and make them avoid swimming in these waters . The climate inside the country is humid tropical with a rainy period in April and May. In the southern part, which is close to the Atlantic Ocean has two rainy seasons: September to November April - June In Togo pass two major rivers:

the Danube River BTI and Mono . Characterized by a temporary high water.

In the season of the rains are very deep , while in the dry season their level many drops. Bookmark and Share

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Natural and cultural attractions in Togo

Around them boil very life - evergreen forests , coconut palms , and the animal world can mention lions , elephants and monkeys in the forests . Inside the mainland can easily see giraffes, buffalo, antelope and jackals . The capital of this poor country is the city of Lome.

This city is no different from most of those on the west coast of Africa. Narrow dusty streets, traffic jams of old cars. Open markets are a common sight , as dirt and noise are common here.

In the past, the city was an attractive tourist center with many marine attractions, but over the years more and more rare to see European and American tourists. 10 km south of the capital Lomé is suitable for beach holiday with the name Robinson .

Here, however, there are undercurrents and poor coastal maintenance. East of the city of Lomé is the former capital Aneho to 1920. You can really feel the colonial spirit of the city. The evenings are cool rather go musicians to showcase your local music and dance. Food vendors will freshen the air with delicious local snack.

Phase-Malfakassa is the largest and most visited park in Togo. Located in central Togo , covered with evergreen vegetation intact , there are large areas of savannah . The reserve has several waterfalls that are worth seeing. Entire area in the park is a pedestrian zone , with beautiful African landscapes , of course you should be accompanied by a local guide .

The highest probability of meeting lions and elephants in the dry period of the year . The ethnic composition is diverse in Togo , where is quite diverse culture and customs. Local beliefs are respected, as are frequent voodoo .

Of the crafts may be noted carving and processing of trophies , Women deal with weaving and dyeing fabrics. Generally places in Togo are not numerous and you will not miss much if you do not visit this west African country. To be honest attractions in Ghana will appeal more.

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