Remote and beautiful island of Tioman

A little hidden from the eyes of tourists, but extremely beautiful attractions of Tioman island remain on a place where you can safely relax and merge with nature this paradise on earth. Tioman Island belongs to Malaysia in the 50s of the last century became a popular tourist destination. Extremely attractive island greenery and colorful wildlife.

Located 20 miles from the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia, with another 60 islands forming the Malay Archipelago. Tioman Island is volcanic in nature with low altitude, completely covered by dense jungle, with the exception of the coastline.

Although sparsely populated, Tioman Island attracts tourists from around the world. They come here mostly to relax from daily hectic city life for a very low price.

Here they expect peace and quiet waters of the South China Sea. Tourist attractions of Tioman Island are mainly along the coast.

Besides that you can lie on the beach under the palm trees can also dive off reefs or travel by boat to a neighboring island. The attractions of Tioman Island can only be reached by water from a nearby island. Bookmark and Share

Tioman Island photo gallery

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Malaysia Salang Tioman Island
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Twin Peaks Bagus Tioman Island
Vemay baydi Tioman Island
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Peace and tranquility among attractions of Tioman island

The most famous tourist resorts of Tioman Island are: Salang beach resort, Berjaya resort, Tunamaya resort, Paya Spa resort and others.

They are located mainly in the western part of the island of Tioman, because this area the winds are not as strong and the climate is more favorable. In the dense tropical forest on attractions of Tioman Island has several rare species of plants and animals that have recently been discovered by scientists. Inside the Tioman Island has some very beautiful waterfalls that are pleasing to lovers of natural beauty

Natural attractions of Tioman Island

In coastal waters there are many sea creatures, corals and turtles that live undisturbed by human intervention. Tioman Island infrastructure is not well developed. No asphalted roads and moving it only on foot or by jeep. Therefore walk inside attractions of Tioman Island is the best option for nature lovers. Those tourists who are looking for luxury will hardly find it precisely on Tioman Island. Our recommendation is to focus on the Indonesian island of attractions in Bali or travel north to landmarks of Thailand.

This beautiful Malaysian island for honeymooners or families with young children, divers and photographers. You can stay at a lower price in a small village on the coast of Tioman Island. Traveling by boat is the most convenient way to travel and tour agencies offer Asahi visit to the waterfall, diving in Marine Park and a pleasant walk to the twin peaks in the eastern part of the island of Tioman.

The beaches are quiet and peaceful, sandy beach is covered with fine golden sand and the tides are not great for these latitudes. About Tioman Island has a lot of underwater reefs covered with colorful corals and colorful marine life. Ideal for underwater fishing and adventure, because the sea water is crystal clear.

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