The beautiful Timor Island Indonesia

Timor Island Indonesia is located in the eastern part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It is divided into two equal parts, one part is a former Portuguese colony and the other part is a Dutch colony.

To be more precise East Timor was occupied by Indonesia, although the UN did not recognize autonomous territory. However, we will focus on the tourist attractions of Timor Island Indonesia.

Overall the island is poor in places and not volcanic activity. Its proximity to Australia suggests the tourists who visit the island are mostly Australians. Much of the dry tropical forest is destroyed and converted into agricultural lands.

The first landmark is Mainina Ponor. This is an area in the eastern part of the island of Timor, in which the extinct freshwater lake Irasiquero Lake, which changes depending on the season. Bookmark and Share

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Main attractions in Timor Island Indonesia

The largest waterfall on the island is Mota Bandeira, water falls almost vertically from a height of over 100 meters. Areia Branca beach, the most beautiful beach on the island of Timor.

Located east of the city of Dili, the whole scenic area covered with Eucalyptus alba savanna and woodland in the inner part of the island. There are several coastal shallows ideal for snorkelling.

For lovers of mountain climbing offer Tatamailau. The highest peak 2986 m Ramelau is a favorite place for pilgrims because there on the top there is a statue of the Virgin Mary.

The main architectural attraction is the Cristo Rei statue near Dili. Built on a peninsula Fatucama a height of about 300 meters. The statue itself is 27 meters high, represents Jesus Christ with his hands raised and facing the sea.

I do not know why, but this sculpture resembles the statue in Rio de Janeiro. Western part of Timor island is not much different from the eastern, except city Kupang.

Nuaf Nefomasi, the highest peak in the western part of 1835 meters. Relatively easy to climb and no interest for tourists, because there is a good view of the surrounding mountains.

Because of the constant civil conflict in the country will well presented international tourism. The most frequent visitors are independent seafaring yachts and catamarans, but they avoid this area of ​​the world.

For this reason, there is not much information and photos, which many regret. A good option for a wonderful family vacation we offer you to visit the neighboring islands - Sumba Island or Flores island.

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