The most important attractions in Roatan

The Unknown Island of Roatan Honduras is the largest island and capital of the department of Isla de la Bahia, Honduras. Roatan is one of Honduras' cruise and diving deportations. The Roatan Island is one of those rare hits that are like an isolated bay with beautiful scenery and crystal clear waters.

It is still a relatively unknown tropical paradise and has not become a commercial and overbuilt place. Surrounded by the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea, the island of Roatan offers its guests first-class diving and snorkelling opportunities, lined with divine white beaches. The length of the island is about 60 km, and the most crowded city is Coxen Hole. The most visited beach is West Bay, and the most modern beach is Pristine Bay. For people here, tourism is the main livelihood, which is also complemented by fishing. The population is about 25,000 people from the ethnic Karakol.

They speak mainly English, but Spanish is widely used, as in Honduras is spoken in Spanish. The island is just 30 miles from the Honduras coast and many will become a favorite holiday spot. In view of the escalating clashes between cartels in Mexico, many people are looking for other places to rest but want to look familiar to them.

Tropical and relatively inexpensive, Roatan is the perfect alternative and already some cruise ships use it as a stopover on their routes. Visitors should not expect brilliance and luxury, crazy nightlife or rows of luxury hotels, but rather peace and perfect conditions for water sports as well as diving with which the island is famous.Bookmark and Share

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There are at least 25 snorkeling and diving spots available for tourists, and weather can very rarely influence. There are many places where guests can be instructed and there is also a dolphin dive option. The island itself is next to the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea and if you are a good swimmer, you can enjoy it freely, but take care of the motor boats.

Among the attractions underwater there are broken ships, a submerged airplane, and night diving. In these waters swim sea turtles, dolphins and whales, and outside of them people can see parrots, iguanas and monkeys. In the crab season, thousands of blue crabs go on land at night and climb the trees to eat fruit. Seafood and fish are among the main products in local cuisine. People here love fried fish, rice, fried or boiled bananas, turtles and beans. The local countryside offers a variety of fruits - bananas, mangoes, lemons and oranges. Bananas are among the most exported goods from Honduras, and when they're in their season, the oranges are very tasty.

Both fruits can be bought at low prices, with coconuts and cashews still grown here. Coconut oil is very popular for cooking. Here it is prepared by placing the fleshy part of the walnut on a grid, then immersing it in water, and squeezing it on a cloth. The resulting liquid is boiled and the oil is picked from the surface. Then it is again heated to evaporate the remaining water. Local people very fond of blue cancer. They come to the surface at night, climb the trees and eat with fruit and vegetation. Animals avoid their enemies either by climbing high on the trees, or simply by walking on the seabed. Local people catch them at night, with bare hands, using flashlights. On Roatan, this seafarer is in abundance. The iguanas are protected by law, but they are still hunted.

Their natives enjoy themselves as a delicacy of many generations. You should definitely try some of the local dishes while visiting Roatan. Tourists can also buy fruit from local markets. They are incredibly delicious because they are freshly cut off from the trees and are completely natural. Fresh apples, for example, are much sweeter than those picked green and loaded on export ships. If you are one of the people who love distant from the main road, the island of Roatan is the right choice. Try to enjoy before the rest of the world to discover this quiet island and try to make it a commercial tourist destination.

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