The best attractions of Matera in Italy

The rock city of Matera in Italy, where time has stopped, an ancient town originally created in the cave formations of rocky hills. It reveals to the world the genius human sense of life and the use of natural resources at this remote end of the Apennine peninsula.

Close to the other side of the Adriatic Sea, although it is located in the foothills of the Apennines but since ancient times known to people lived in the Greek and Albanian lands. Since the Basilica is less well known to the Italians, the city of Matera, as the cultural capital of Europe, presents through its program the entire region rich in natural, historical and other values. I am surprised by the people who say that one day is enough to consider this city.

I was one day, but if it was up to me, and three days I would not have reached. If you can, stay for at least two days. Go down the steep streets, peep in the small courtyards, look up, pay attention to the small details, go to the hill opposite the old town, enter the churches, meet the sunrise, send the sun, shoot this beautifully lit city at night. All things I did not have time to describe for regret.

I hope you persist for more than a day. Matera is an amazingly beautiful city. Heritage of UNESCO and cultural capital for 2019 I have to tell you that I am very rarely impressed by settlements. They were megalopolis, or old settlements. Minus, of my eye, I saw hundreds. But walking here, I was conquered ... Absolutely deserved place in Unesco's book, it has this ancient city. For the first time, the pictures are not able to recreate the atmosphere .. Bookmark and Share

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The best landmarks of Matera in Italy

The stone city seems to be is a Hollywood movie set. The panoramas to and from it are amazing. The silence on the vertical winding stairs creates a feeling for centuries back. I literally fall in love with the first look at Matera .

A rare sight in an ancient village! Matera is a fantastic place. Stone buildings everywhere, all came out of a film about Jerusalem 2000 years ago, and often used for the background of films about Jerusalem (and in Jerusalem we were here here seems more authentic). Some houses are real caves in the rock, as well as some churches.

The old part of Matera, the so-called Sassi Sassi di Matera, is made up of two parts - Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso. The second is the older one - the first settlers lived there once in caves carved in soft rock. It is believed that the first inhabitants settled in the area 9,000 years ago and were one of the oldest settlers in today's territory of Italy.

And it is alleged that some of the cave-houses, founded at that time, still enjoy today. Walking through Sasso Barisano, our footsteps echo the stone slabs. Swimmers congratulate us with a quick "Buona Jorna". Above all, this is the height of the Duomo. Surprised in the duo very easily and unintentionally, instead of the path we are moving through, we can step on the roof of the house next to us.

The stepped-stone construction and the houses sculpted in the rock make the streets of the city quite strange - sometimes the paths literally pass on the roofs of the buildings and this is quite common sight. Tired of walking, we decided to eat at dusk - of course, pizza. It was our first evening in Italy and the first clash with the features of southern Italian dinner.

After a long walk through the streets of the old part of the city, around 19:00, we did not find any working restaurant. We decided that there was no place to eat in this area and we reluctantly got to the car to look for a working restaurant in the new city. Almost at the end of the city, following street advertising, we found ourselves in a neighborhood pizzeria, happily working.

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